Digital: Jacqueline Bishop

Jacqueline Bishop - Bodies of Water (2015, video still)

Jacqueline Bishop – Bodies of Water (2015, video still)


We continue our features on the artists in the Digital exhibition (April 24-July 4, 2016)”


Jacqueline Bishop was born in Kingston, Jamaica. An award-winning writer, educator, photographer and painter, Bishop is currently pursuing her MFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She also holds an MA degree in Fine Arts from New York University and a BA degree in Psychology from Lehman College, Bronx. She was a recipient of the UNESCO/Fullbright Fellowship (2009) and the Arthur Schomburg award for Excellence in the Humanities (2000), and her volume of essays The Gymnast & Other Positions has been announced as the 2016 winner of the OCM Bocas Prize for Caribbean Literature (non-fiction literature). Her artistic work has been exhibited in Belgium, Italy, Morocco, the United States and Jamaica. She teaches in the Liberal Studies Programme at New York University and is the founding editor of Calabash: A Journal of Caribbean Art & Letters. Bishop lives and works in New York, USA.

Bishop, Jacqueline - Bodies of water 3

Jacqueline Bishop – Bodies of Water (2015, video still)


About the Work

Bodies of Water is, as Bishop explains, “dedicated to my beloved grandmother who I lost close to two years ago. As a child, living on the island of Jamaica, I would spend my summer holidays in the tiny district of Nonsuch hidden in the folds of the Portland mountains. I would play a game of laying on the grass with my relatives and trying to decipher the shapes we could see in the clouds. I decided to return to this ‘game’ but this time referencing the many forms that water and ultimately matter may take. To particularize this ‘photograph’ I went back to Nonsuch and recorded ambient sounds of the district as well as my young cousins singing childhood songs.” The work consists of a series of digital photographs used in a video format.

Jacqueline Bishop - quilt (n.d.) - not in exhibition

Jacqueline Bishop – quilt (n.d.) – not in exhibition






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