Visitor Info

National Gallery of Jamaica
12 Ocean Blvd, Block C
Kingston, Jamaica
(Entrance is on Orange Street)

1.876.922-1561/3 (Flow fixed line)
1.876.618-0654/5 (Digicel fixed line)



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10am – 12pm
1pm – 4.30pm

10am – 12pm
1pm – 4pm

10am – 12pm
1pm – 3pm

CLOSED for sanitization on all days
12pm – 12.30pm

Offices are open on Mondays

Closed on Public Holidays

J$ 400

J$ 200


J$ 3000

J$ 2000 for school groups

Donations can be placed in the donations box in the reception area and help to support NGJ exhibitions and programmes.

As a general rule, food and drinks are not allowed in the galleries and refreshments can be bought and consumed in our coffee shop. During receptions and other functions, food and drinks may be allowed in certain designated areas.

Large bags and backpacks are not allowed inside the NGJ and must be left with the security desk. Our Security Staff is authorized to to search handbags, parcels or other items being taken into or out of the NGJ and we ask for your kind cooperation when a search is requested.

Parking is usually available on the adjoining UDC parking lot. An hourly rate applies on weekdays – free on Saturdays. Entrance to the parking lot is on Orange street, first entrance on the left after passing the NGJ building.

Alternate parking sites include: the Pirates Cove Parking lot on the Waterfront and the parking lot near the Kingston Craft Market.

Curbside parking is not permitted in most of the areas around the NGJ and illegally parked vehicles may be towed.


25 thoughts on “Visitor Info

  1. Thank you,the board, director, curator and staff, for this wonderful blog site, it’s my beautifully little stained glass (which reminds of being late for my dance classes, looking through the window of the old St Andrew Parish Church/Court House) into the very thought provoking space that is the National Gallery I love to traipse.

    …It helps when I’m off island with dusty feet and laptop. x

  2. This is Khoren Der Harootians wife. My husband was one of the first mentours of Mr.Huis. I am very sorry for the big loss.It was my late husbands dream to go back to Jamaica and visit people and places that were so dear to him.But I am planning to have an exibition in which I will display his work made in Jamaica.

  3. The National Gallery continues to be a great source of exposure and education to Jamaica’s youth. A trip to your institution is always awe-inspiring.. Continue doing what you are doing.
    GOD BLESS!!!

    • Please note that this is a blog, not a website, and that the template used does not accommodate a permanent photographic banner. What you will see on the front page at any time pertains to our most recent six posts and the accompanying photographs are relevant to whatever happens to be the subject of these. The oldest of the six (on the anniversary of our blog) currently on view does, in actuality, include a photograph of the exterior of the NGJ. Photographs of the NGJ have also on other occasions accompanied relevant posts. Please browse through our archives to see same.

  4. We have no e-mail for Dr Harley but please contact our office 1.876.822.1561 or -3 for mail information. Best wishes.

  5. is there any information on your blog that says who works there? ie, director, staff, anything? and maybe who writes the posts for citation purposes?

    • Posts that are specifically authored have the name of the author(s) in them, in the first paragraph or at the end and is normally accompanied by the author’s function at the NGJ. Other posts should be cited as “National Gallery of Jamaica.” We are currently redeveloping our website, which will have the staff and board information you request in a few weeks. You can take a preview at . For more detailed questions/responses, please use our email address.

  6. Viernes Marzo 11, 2011, me acabo de enterar la lamentable noticia de la muerte de SEYA, conocí personalmente a ella compartimos momentos lindos y tengo su pintura y tarjetas que me regaló, soy peruana le conocí cuando fui a Kingston vivia en el condominio de Cassandra Avenue 2B, lo siento mucho, seguía viviendo ahi? QUE EN PAZ DESCANSE MI QUERIDA AMIGA Y ARTISTA SEYA PARBOOSINGH.

  7. Soy profesor de Historia del Arte en Cuba. Debo impartir un programa de Arte del Caribe pero no tengo información ni imágenes del arte vanguardista en Jamaica. Me cuentan que existe un artículo del curador David Boxer titulado ” El arte en Jamaica” pero no lo encuentro en Internet. Por favor, podrían enviarme alguna información a mi correo?. Gracias. Saludos y hasta pronto.

    • Regretfully, the essay in question (we assume it is Jamaican Art 1922-1982″) is not available on line. A copy of the like-named catalogue in which it was published may be available in the libraries of the University of Havana or the Wifredo Lam Centre. The essay was also reprinted in the book Modern Jamaican art. Both publications are now out of print.

  8. I would like to submit photography and video work to the biennial. My question is how do you define Jamaican artist living abroad? On the census form I am classified as Afro-Carribean. Both my parents were born in Jamaica but I was born in the UK. In Britain I am regarded as Jamaican and when I come to Jamaica I am regarded as British. Is there any chance of a category for artists of Jamaican heritage? Thank you. Michele

    • At present, for the purposes of the National Biennial, we define a Jamaican artist as one who was born in Jamaica. We are however reviewing the Biennial concept and may in the years to come expand its scope to become a biennial of the Caribbean and its diaspora. Stay tuned!

  9. Why don’t you list the current exhibitions and the dates they will run? It would help those of us who are planning to visit. I’ve been disappointed in the past with “Sorry, that exhibit just closed…” When is the main website going to be back? I would prefer something more basic with up-to-date information, than a fancy one that is a year out-of-date. Thanks, I love your gallery!

    • Thank you for your feedback. Our new and vastly improved website will be re-launched in April. Current exhibitions are featured on our blog, and exhibition dates are in effect listed, but we have for ease of reference added a “currently on view” section. We hope this will help until our new website is up.

  10. Haven’t been to the Gallery in a while. I hope to be back soon. When I was last there I saw a picture of my church – well the original building before it was burnt down and rebuilt.

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