NGJ Summer Exhibition: Judith Salmon

Judith Salmon

Judtih Salmon - Mother Mother Mother 123 - NG164

Judith Salmon – Mother, Mother, Mother I, II, III

Mother, Mother, Mother (#s I, II and III speak about the complexities of motherhood in the face of harsh realities which impact the vulnerable in our society and globally. Mothers not only witness the loss of tender, promising lives, but must pick up the threads and continue to nurture and give hope to the future. 

As mixed media prints these images were developed on paper using recycled linoleum over worked with monotype printing and chine colle. Small woodcuts of the heart in different states were printed on fabric, these were embroidered then hand stitched to the printed work on paper. Mother, Mother , Mother is from a series of seventeen mixed media prints which explore materials and subject in an attempt to get to the human heart of the matter. 



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