NGJ Summer Exhibition: Jeffrey Grant

Jeffrey Grant

Jeffery Grant - oft Target - NG061

Jeffrey Grant – Soft Target

Jeffery Grant is based in Portland where he works as an Art Education lecturer at College of Agricultural Science and Education (CASE). His work consists of abstract sculptural forms made from wood. He attended the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts and attained a BA in Education in 2008.

Jeffery Grant - Twisted Heart - NG063

Jeffrey Grant – Twisted Heart


NGJ Summer Exhibition: Yrneh Gabon

Yrneh Gabon

Yrneh Brown - Black Mexican Story - Artist

Yrneh Gabon – Black Mexican Story

Yrneh Gabon Brown is a New Genre/interdisciplinary media artist. His work deals with sustainable environmental issues in a socio-political and historical context. Gabon Brown is an international artist, based in Los Angeles, who illuminates his subject matter through interdisciplinary visual art and activism (performance art). His extensive travels have helped him to frame his ideas.

Yrneh Gabon Holding My Breath

Yrneh Gabon – Holding My Breath

Gabon conducts relevant research that will inform and shape the aesthetics of the final artistic outcome and activist response. His research questions, informs and analyzes the findings to shape the focus of the work of art, which will symbolize the body of work. The final art image often includes a combination of sculpture, video, photography, painting, performance, and/or installation. Symbolism and the use of metaphors are the foundation of his art practice.

Twitter: @yrnehgabon
Instagram: @yrnehgabon

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Nathan Cunningham

Nathan Cunningham

Nathan Cunningham - Dance with a lady - NG035

Nathan Cunningham – Dance with a lady

Pulling from his life and surroundings Nathan Cunningham creates detailed and colourful drawings that relive past experiences.

Nathan Cunningham - Greatness is what - NG034

Nathan Cunningham – Greatness is what brings all of us together

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Donnette Zacca

Donnette Zacca

Donnette Zacca - Dismantled Thoughts

Donnette Zacca – Dismantled Thoughts

Both pieces address the cosmic reality of the human spirits moving through space at random times within death and insanity.

Without much understanding of our spiritual existence, we assume we occupy the universe after our death or in times of mental instability. The knowledge of our life after death is oft times sought after. The more we understand the more bearable life becomes.

Donnette Zacca - Transitioned

Donnette Zacca – Transitioned – Tribute to David Boxer

In death all our realities are final. Those who are left behind seek to justify who we were. A sanity we all seek.

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Shoshanna Weinberger

Shoshanna Weinberger

Shoshanna Weinberger - Midnight Selfie - Artist.jpg

Shoshanna Weinberger – Midnight Selfies with One Sunset

My work explores the complexity of heritage, assumed norms and confronts the complexities of cultural ambiguity and peripheral identities. The work is rooted in an exploration of my Caribbean-American heritage, the consequential implications and experiences of racial identity, and external perception of racial categorization. Referencing adolescent memory, body image, and our current xenophobic rhetoric, I render my muses along a spectrum of character types and marginalized bodies. Some are excessive, sexualized, and quirky. Others are passive or dominant, a culmination of figures that ultimately question standards of beauty and identity. 

Shoshanna Weinberger - Tropical Tan - Artist

Shoshanna Weinberger – Tropical Tan

The Sunset series is the newest iteration from a body of work entitled Invisible Visibility. The series dives into an autobiographical history, one of an intersectional identity that commonly falls into cultural ambiguity. Both works in Summer Exhibition, “Tropical Tan” and “Midnight Selfies with One Sunset”, explores a personal relationship with invisible blackness, alienation and passing. The gridded “Selfie” installation references the contemporary fascination with instant, reinvented and created personas found on the social media platform. Placing one single sunset is surrounded by drawings that I deliberately cover-up, these “black-out” drawings signify hidden, censored and obscured identities. Displayed to reference specimens these images become a collection of portraits with psychological distance. As a result, the works allude to my personal relationship with otherness and “Double-Consciousness”.

Instagram: @shoshannaweinberger
Facebook tag: Shoshanna.Weinberger

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Jeremy Watson

Jeremy Watson

JeremyWatson - Afro Red - Ctype_Matt - Artist.jpg

My work explores patterns of black diaspora through the lenses of shape, colour and composition. My work often includes themes of what it means to be black in the “New World”, that being the West. The focus of my work is to incorporate black individuals, pushing them to the forefront, and allowing black beauty and culture to be represented in a positive manner.

Instagram: @jeremyxwatson