Jamaica Biennial 2017 – Invited Artists: Judith Salmon

The Jamaica Biennial 2017 closed on June 10, after a two week extension, but we continue to build our online archive on the Biennial with features of the artists who were included in the exhibition.

Judith Salmon was born in 1952, in Kingston, Jamaica. She holds a Graduate certificate in Museum Studies from the University of South Florida; an MFA from Johnson State University, Johnson, Vermont; and a BA in Liberal Arts from Norwich University, Vermont, USA. She also attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, USA. She has exhibited widely in Jamaica, the USA, Canada, Cuba and Puerto Rico and is represented in public and private collections, including the collection of the National Gallery of Jamaica. The dynamics of memory and the resonance of materials are at the heart of her work in installation, assemblage and other mixed media. Her work was recently featured in the National Gallery of Jamaica’s Explorations 3: Seven Women Artists (2015) exhibition. She lives in Kingston, Jamaica.

Website: judithsalmon.com

One thought on “Jamaica Biennial 2017 – Invited Artists: Judith Salmon

  1. It is nice to see work that is so developed both in imagery and abstraction – the work commands the space it occupies while drawing us in – Best Juliana

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