Digital: Ronald Williams

Williams, Ronald - Swagga

Ronald Williams – Swagga, 2013, digital illustration

This is the last of our features on the artists in Digital. Look out for other posts on this groundbreaking exhibition.


Ronald Williams was born in Barbados, in 1990. He attended the Barbados Community College where he attained a BFA degree in 2013. Williams has had a number exhibitions, both in Barbados and internationally. His most recent include Finite Project Altered When Open (2015) at the David Dale Gallery in Glasgow Scotland, and 300 dpi (2015) at the ArtSplash Gallery in Barbados.


Williams, Ronald - party shot

Ronald Williams – Party Shot, 2013, digital illustration

About the Work

This series explores the role that sports and the black athlete/figure play in society; placing an emphasis on the perceptions and stereotypes about the black image. Using the technique of digital collage, a wide variety of popular based images is manipulated and compiled together to make the artwork, which takes the form of a sportsperson.


Williams, Ronald - The Savage

Ronald Williams – The Savage, 2013, digital illustration



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