Digital: Katherine Kennedy

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Katherine Kennedy – Anthesis (2013), still from video

As we prepare for the opening of Digital on Sunday, April 24, here is another feature on one of the artists in the exhibition:


Katherine Kennedy was born in Barbados in 1990. She attained a BA in Creative Arts at Lancaster University attained a BA in Creative Arts at the Lancaster University in England in 2011. Kennedy currently works as Editor and Assistant to the Director of ARC Magazine. She is also the communications and operations manager at the Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. in Barbados. She as participated in several exhibitions such as  TVE-Transoceanic Visual Exchange (2015), which was shown in Barbados, New Zealand and Nigeria, and the FRESH (2012) exhibition and art sale at Fresh Milk. She has received a number of awards such as an honorable mention for the 2014 Alice Yard Prize for Art Writing, Trinidad & Tobago, a Res Artis ResSupport Fellowship to Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany in 2014 and she was the recipient of a full fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center, USA, sponsored by Reed Foundation. Katherine Kennedy lives and works in Barbados.


Katherine Kennedy – shadow sculpture – not in exhibition


About the Work

An·the·sis: The period during which a flower is fully open and functional. It may also refer to the onset of that period. Anthesis of flowers is sequential within an inflorescence, so when the style and perianth are different colours, the result is a striking colour change that gradually sweeps along the inflorescence.

Kennedy - Anthesis

Katherine Kennedy – Anthesis (2013), still from video

“My practice has always been heavily grounded in my environment, whether foreign or familiar, and this piece stems from time spent in Vermont, USA. Being there during May meant I was surrounded by the temperamental spring season, which on the one hand brought to mind flowers opening, like the pastel coloured blooms covering the trees, but this beauty still felt impersonal to me. Not having a seasonal climate in the Caribbean, there is not the same anticipation of budding life escaping winter, and so spring did not feel as natural to me as its connotations would suggest. The flower-like form of the object used in this work straddles organic and manmade imagery, and the mechanical unfurling of a ‘metal flower’ that mimicked the environment’s colour palate made more sense to me under those conditions, as well as the desire to activate and give value to a seemingly innocuous, displaced utensil. I view Anthesis as a reflection on literal nature versus what feels natural in a given cultural context.”


Katherine Kennedy – Tropical Gilt (2012) – not in exhibition

One thought on “Digital: Katherine Kennedy

  1. SO interesting!! -it seems that Katherine is exploring what we take for granted and brings a fresh perspective to and beautiful interpretation of natural forms. Very impressed.

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