NGJ Summer Exhibition: Yrneh Gabon

Yrneh Gabon

Yrneh Brown - Black Mexican Story - Artist

Yrneh Gabon – Black Mexican Story

Yrneh Gabon Brown is a New Genre/interdisciplinary media artist. His work deals with sustainable environmental issues in a socio-political and historical context. Gabon Brown is an international artist, based in Los Angeles, who illuminates his subject matter through interdisciplinary visual art and activism (performance art). His extensive travels have helped him to frame his ideas.

Yrneh Gabon Holding My Breath

Yrneh Gabon – Holding My Breath

Gabon conducts relevant research that will inform and shape the aesthetics of the final artistic outcome and activist response. His research questions, informs and analyzes the findings to shape the focus of the work of art, which will symbolize the body of work. The final art image often includes a combination of sculpture, video, photography, painting, performance, and/or installation. Symbolism and the use of metaphors are the foundation of his art practice.

Twitter: @yrnehgabon
Instagram: @yrnehgabon