New Roots: Varun Baker

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Here is the second in our series on the artists in the upcoming New Roots exhibition, which opens on July 28.


To hear him tell it, Varun Baker owes his photographic talent to a genetic twist of fate that had him wearing glasses since the third grade. He claims that “the semi-blind learn to better appreciate what they see.” And he has seen plenty. The son of an Indian mother and Jamaican father, he was born in Brazil and since then has lived in Jamaica, the USA, Italy, Bermuda and Canada. He got his first camera at nine, a pink, plastic point and shoot. Since then, he has been using photography as a way to immerse himself in each new place, engaging the cultures and people that occupy them. His first group exhibition at the Bolivar Gallery in November 2011 was well received. Though he has submitted work to the JCDC Festival exhibition, this will be his first time showing a cohesive body of work at the National Gallery of Jamaica.

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