NGJ Summer Exhibition: Shoshanna Weinberger

Shoshanna Weinberger

Shoshanna Weinberger - Midnight Selfie - Artist.jpg

Shoshanna Weinberger – Midnight Selfies with One Sunset

My work explores the complexity of heritage, assumed norms and confronts the complexities of cultural ambiguity and peripheral identities. The work is rooted in an exploration of my Caribbean-American heritage, the consequential implications and experiences of racial identity, and external perception of racial categorization. Referencing adolescent memory, body image, and our current xenophobic rhetoric, I render my muses along a spectrum of character types and marginalized bodies. Some are excessive, sexualized, and quirky. Others are passive or dominant, a culmination of figures that ultimately question standards of beauty and identity. 

Shoshanna Weinberger - Tropical Tan - Artist

Shoshanna Weinberger – Tropical Tan

The Sunset series is the newest iteration from a body of work entitled Invisible Visibility. The series dives into an autobiographical history, one of an intersectional identity that commonly falls into cultural ambiguity. Both works in Summer Exhibition, “Tropical Tan” and “Midnight Selfies with One Sunset”, explores a personal relationship with invisible blackness, alienation and passing. The gridded “Selfie” installation references the contemporary fascination with instant, reinvented and created personas found on the social media platform. Placing one single sunset is surrounded by drawings that I deliberately cover-up, these “black-out” drawings signify hidden, censored and obscured identities. Displayed to reference specimens these images become a collection of portraits with psychological distance. As a result, the works allude to my personal relationship with otherness and “Double-Consciousness”.

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Natural Histories: Shoshanna Weinberger

Shoshanna Weinberger - Collection of Strangefruit, gouache & mixed media on paper, 18 panels, ea. 51 x 42 cm

Shoshanna Weinberger – Collection of Strangefruit, gouache & mixed media on paper, 18 panels, ea. 51 x 42 cm

Shoshanna Weinberger’s work takes beauty and sex appeal and turns them on their head. Her swollen, awkward humanoid creatures have all the trappings of beauty- gold chains, stilletos, and curves aplenty- but for all their glamour and glitter they are decidedly ugly, a potent and pungent distillation of stereotypes and female and racial objectification. Her use of grids, and titles like A Collection of Strange Fruit illustrate her interest in scientific discourse, and her own mixed race background fuels a fascination with hybridity.

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