NGJ Summer Exhibition: Jeffrey Grant

Jeffrey Grant

Jeffery Grant - oft Target - NG061

Jeffrey Grant – Soft Target

Jeffery Grant is based in Portland where he works as an Art Education lecturer at College of Agricultural Science and Education (CASE). His work consists of abstract sculptural forms made from wood. He attended the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts and attained a BA in Education in 2008.

Jeffery Grant - Twisted Heart - NG063

Jeffrey Grant – Twisted Heart


NGJ Summer Exhibition: Derval Johnson

Derval Johnson

Derval Johnson - John Crow Musing - NG068.jpg

The idea for John Crow Musing came to me through the guango wood that I carved it from. I saw the bird within it and carved it out, using the intricate patterns of the wood to compliment its shape. For this I prefer to use the roots of trees, where the patterning is strongest.

I have always liked birds, in fact I have pigeons of my own, and to me the John Crow is a great and powerful bird. It watches over us, mighty and all seeing as it flies above, serious while looking for prey. They are Godly, mysterious creatures that clean the earth by ridding it of dead bodies.

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Mazola Wa Mwashighadi

Mazola Wa Mwashighadi

Mazola Wa Mwashighadi - MotherhoodNG082

The Earth is our collective mother.

It is imperative that we cast away our flagged identities and accord her the same unconditional love as our individual mothers in order to tackle the dangers of global warming, rising sea levels and a whole, long list of other calamities brought about by climate change.

Instagram: @mazolawamwashighadi
Facebook: @MazolaArtGallery

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Lisa Lindo

Lisa Lindo

Lisa Lindo - Flamstead Bench - NG054

Lisa Lindo – Dougie’s Gift

In celebration of our 31 year relationship, built on trust, respect and commitment to the journey before us. We are stronger together.

Combining wood and steel, contrasting materials used to create a beautiful object of purpose. A Functional Sculpture.

Instagram: @lisalindostudio

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Christopher Irons

Christopher Irons

Christopher Irons - Cornerstone - NG079

Christopher Irons from Jamaica created a sculpture as a tribute to the late great Jamaican artist, Christopher Gonzalez, titled “Cornerstone”. The work was made from red bricks that were pounded and sieved, silica sand, fiberglass resin with a plaster base. (to give a stone-like look). The statue was  done because of the issues surrounding Gonzalez’s work depicting the late Jamaican icon, Bob Marley. This work caused a nationwide resentment because of the concept used to depict Bob Marley rooted in his African and Rastafarian culture.

However, two decades later, many who had rejected the work developed an appreciation for it, and tourists who came to Jamaica requested to take pictures with the work, which was at the National Gallery of Jamaica. Ironically, it was the same way Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh were treated when they started singing and playing Reggaemusic. Bob Marley actually quoted the Holy Bible in one of his songs, “The stone that the builder refused shall be the head cornerstone.”

The Bricks came from North Street close to the former Art School.

Facebook: christopher.irons.32
Youtube: Christopher Billionare