NGJ Summer Exhibition: Amy Laskin

Amy Laskin

Amy Laskin - Haute Couture - NG029

Amy Laskin – Haute Couture and Mother Nature Marry

My studio is in mountainous rural Jamaica, where I get most of my artistic inspiration, from the rich biodiversity. In my painting practice, I assemble and merge unrelated forms and elements to create visual relationships. All are things I find fascinating, both natural and manmade. I continuously observe and hunt for what captivates me. I save images and make models. My paintings employ the use of decorative language. I’m obsessed with flowers, plants, moss, lichen, vintage clothes, vines, lace, sea life etc. They are amalgamated to form non representational figures, usually without faces or emotions. They combine natural elements and unusual combinations. Many times they are poised and placed in an environment observed from the naturalness of my studio home. I slowly build up thin layers of paint and glazes on smooth surfaces. The entities are a natural framework for image making and a celebration of womankind in mutual symbiosis with nature. Ostensibly these combinations are painted in a cogent way to suggest something phantasmagorical. I think that humankind is an essential and fundamental part of the natural world and our place in it is integral and basic. I think it is important we feel this connection to our planet, especially in these perilous times of climate change when all life becomes increasingly threatened.

Instagram: @amylaskin_
Facebook: Amy Laskin Visual Artist

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Rani Carson

Rani Carson

Rani Carson - Transfiguration - Artist

Rani Carson – Transfiguration

“Transfiguration” moves gradually from war to peace, from matter to spirit. A soldier in the news, a figure at war, is transformed by the light of consciousness into a warrior for peace. This rastaman serves by providing nourishment for the people. Freeing himself from conflict, and also leaving behind the physical and emotional baggage of the material world, he embarks on a voyage of spirit. 


NGJ Summer Exhibition: Sean Henry

Sean Henry

Sean Henry Fudgie

Sean Henry – Fudgie

Fudgie is the common term that refers to the local ice cream man who supplies the community with an assortment of delightful frozen treats. This piece embodies the innocent sensations associated with childhood memories of rushing outside to meet Fudgie at the blow of his horn. The watercolour medium paired with the diffused technique reinforces the wistful mood portrayed in the painting.

Instagram: @breddrin
Facebook: @sean.iya

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Jordan Harrison

Jordan Harrison

Jordan Harrison - image5 - Artist

Jordan Harrison – Traumatic Voyage Series 1

The main concept of the body of work is geared towards exploring the devastating impact of male rape, but more specifically the psychological aspect that the male victim may encounter during and after the event. The body of work is an abstracted depiction of the psychological trauma that a male rape victim may encounter during and after the traumatic event. The works attempt to dissect and analyze the subconscious of the traumatized mind. The works then allow the viewer to experience the mental environment of the raped victims and to also tap into their personal traumatic experiences. The reason for addressing this topic is based on many gruesome cases that have occurred over the years as it relates to rape, and also the fact that this violent activity lends no pardon to anyone in society.

Jordan Harrison - image4 - Artist

Jordan Harrison – Traumatic Voyage Series 2

Instagram:  @jjharrison94

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Maxine Gibson

Maxine Gibson 

Maxine Gibson - Pyramind on the river of time 2 - NG043

Maxine Gibson – Pyramind on the River of Time

Pyramid On The River Of Time is a reflection on the old and new as the story goes. Works are focused on civilization, be it urban or rural with an aim to represent the environment and finding a spiritual entity within.

Instagram: @gibson_galerie

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Rex Dixon

Rex Dixon


Rex Dixon – Mountain View

The two paintings submitted “Mountain View” and “Savannah” are visual  autobiographical statements commenting on natural phenomena which express psychological insights into the artist’s mind and thinking. I live in Trinidad in an area called Mountain View which still has a lovely dedicated savannah as preserved playground for those who live in this spot. Mountain View was  originally part of a Spanish settlement and capital of Trinidad up until the 18th century. It was a fertile agricultural space, wooded and well watered by the St. Joseph river. Today remnants of this past are still evident in the colurs and textures built up over the painting surface echoing time and place in the valley, but scars of incursion into mountains and riverbeds are glaring, and are mirrored by the blocks of letters and words on the painting. The parellel between landscape and memory are evoked in these pictures by the use of words, colour and gestural application. 


Rex Dixon – Savannah

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