NGJ Summer Exhibition: Yrneh Gabon

Yrneh Gabon

Yrneh Brown - Black Mexican Story - Artist

Yrneh Gabon – Black Mexican Story

Yrneh Gabon Brown is a New Genre/interdisciplinary media artist. His work deals with sustainable environmental issues in a socio-political and historical context. Gabon Brown is an international artist, based in Los Angeles, who illuminates his subject matter through interdisciplinary visual art and activism (performance art). His extensive travels have helped him to frame his ideas.

Yrneh Gabon Holding My Breath

Yrneh Gabon – Holding My Breath

Gabon conducts relevant research that will inform and shape the aesthetics of the final artistic outcome and activist response. His research questions, informs and analyzes the findings to shape the focus of the work of art, which will symbolize the body of work. The final art image often includes a combination of sculpture, video, photography, painting, performance, and/or installation. Symbolism and the use of metaphors are the foundation of his art practice.

Twitter: @yrnehgabon
Instagram: @yrnehgabon


NGJ Summer Exhibition:Stafford Schliefer

Stafford Schliefer

Stafford Schliefer - Carnival Night - NG016

“Carnival Night” was inspired by Caribbean and Brazilian carnivals, the latter having been witnessed on some very colourful nights spent on a visit to Rio de Janeiro, in which the brilliance of the procession was surprisingly not at all dulled by the night. The vitality, energy of physical movement was overwhelming – kept in my mind until and throughout execution of “Carnival Night”. The predominantly black background conjures the night time backdrop, while the use of collage alongside brushing with acrylic paints allowed for the incorporation of items such as coloured feathers, fake jewellery, sequins, varicoloured pipe cleaners, and a carnival mask, all affixed with permanent adhesives. 

Stafford Schliefer - Wind and Light - NG025

Stafford Schliefer – Wind and Light – View of Mavis Bank

“Light and Wind, Mavis Bank” was birthed as a result of dramatic cloud formations observed on a trip to Mavis Bank. In keeping with my traditional infatuation with natural movement, the impressionist technique used allowed me to capture the circular and horizontal shifting of clouds, which appeared to be composing / changing the sky’s stage by redistributing sunlight, a phenomenon which never fails to stimulate me. 


NGJ Summer Exhibition: Bernard Hoyes

Bernard Hoyes

Bernard Hoyes - Silent Sparrow - Artist.jpg

“Silent Sparrow”…..2018 “tribute to unrecorded Reggae Artists.”  From a sub-series that reconsider the prevalence of recording technology that was unavailable to many musicians at the turn of the 20th century including the Delta Blues, From the Rag Series.

Twitter: @bernardhoyes
Instagram: @bernard_hoyes

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Carol Crichton

Carol Crichton

Carol Crichton - Roll Call.jpg

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In my work I search for answers to “who am I?”, “who are we?”; looking backwards for answers to the now with which to enrich the future. I use a multi-layered approach to express the disparate facets of experience, I seek meaning in the mystery of the world, the universe.

Carol Crichton - The Bedspread - NG022

Carol Crichton – The Bedspread


NGJ Summer Exhibition: Hope Brooks

Hope Brooks

Hope Brooks - The Door - NG219

Hope Brooks – The Door

“…Where thirsting longing eyes

Watch the slow door

That opening, letting in, lets out no more….”

Lines from the poem “ECHO” by Christina Rossetti.

In this poem the poet Christina Rossetti is talking about the death of a loved one. It is one of several famous poems in the English language about death.  I chose it for its imagery of death being like a door 

“that opening, letting in lets out no more..”

The Painting titled “The Door” is about that experience.  When someone dies, in this case my life long friend and colleague Dr. David Boxer it is as if the person has passed through a door…

“…That opening, letting in. lets out no more…”

Another poem by Nancy Byrd Turner also likens death to a door,

“Death is only an old door 

    In a garden wall”

But seeks to soften the finality of death by making no reference to it.

Although the painting is about the loss of a friend and colleague it is also about the loss to the Jamaican art world that resulted from his untimely passing.  He had so much left to accomplish projects that he had planned to do and that now will never be completed. 

However many poets also speak of life as being a door in which death gives rise to new life and so we should look forward to that.