NGJ Summer Exhibition: Laura Facey

Laura Facey

Laura Facey - 62 men and 63 women

Laura Facey – 62 Men and 63 Women

Representing the enslaved persons who labored on the ‘Mount Plenty’ property in the Parish of St Ann, Jamaica as documented in 1820 at the time of the death of their owner, The Hon. John Hiatt, Custos of St Ann, who died at the age of 98.

Laura Facey - Heart of a Man

Laura Facey – Heart of a Man

William Blake’s drawing of a ‘Black Man Hung By The Ribs’ and a seed from the Barringtonia Tree inspired HEART OF A MAN.

“I found the seed on the seashore and thought – as men journeyed across the Atlantic, shackled on ships, stripped of everything and unable to protect their loved ones – their hearts were ripped from their chests.”

‘May the heart of man be restored to its full potency’

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2010 National Biennial: Laura Facey Wins Aaron Matalon Award

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The NGJ is pleased to announce that Laura Facey has been awarded the 2010 Aaron Matalon Award for her installation Plumb Line in the 2010 National Biennial.

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