Last Sundays of July 31 to feature “Kingston” exhibition and music by Jason Worton

Last Sundays - July 31,2016 (rgb)-01

The National Gallery of Jamaica’s Last Sundays programme for July 31, 2016, will feature the soft launch of the Kingston – Part 1: The City and Art exhibition and a musical performance by Jason Worton.

Kingston – Part 1: The City and Art is the first instalment of a two-part exhibition series that explores the role of Kingston in the development of Jamaican art and, conversely, the actual and potential role of art in the development of the city of Kingston. Inspired by Kingston’s recent UNESCO designation as a Creative City of Music, the exhibition makes the case that Kingston has been the crucible for many other aspects of Jamaican culture, such as the visual arts. Featuring works of art from the late 17th century to the present as well as documentary photographs, the exhibition looks at how Jamaica’s turbulent but culturally fertile capital city has generated circumstances and opportunities that have propelled the development of Jamaican art, from the natural resources to the economic activities and institutions. The exhibition also explores how artists have been inspired in their work by the events, personalities and tales that have defined life in the city, starting with the 1692 Port Royal earthquake. Kingston – Part 1: The City and Art is curated by National Gallery Assistant Curator Monique Barnett-Davidson and continues until October 30, 2016.

Scene on harbour street- Sidney McLaren

Sidney McLaren – Scene on Harbour Street (1972), Collection: NGJ

Jason Lee Worton, Jamaican songwriter and musician, spent the last few years touring with Reggae Revival Act Protoje and the Indiggnation, while making a name for himself as an eclectic member of the Reggae scene. Working as a journeyman multi-instrumentalist, he has backed many current and past reggae stars, earning the nickname the “Jamaican Jimi Hendrix.” As the leader of his own band, Worton has appeared at prestigious events such as the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, and been a mainstay at small local venues such as Jamnesia and the Red Bones Blues Cafe. He also plays frequently for yoga studios and events in the growing Jamaican yoga community. He has now returned to focusing on his solo project, many of his songs centring around his “DubRock Reggae” sound. He also delves into acoustic material and eastern inspired meditational music. Worton continues to explore musical styles and instruments, and is an avid surfer, yogi, and farmer/apiarist.


Jason Lee Worton

The National Gallery of Jamaica’s doors will be open from 11 am to 4 pm on Sunday, July 31, 2016 and the programme will start at 1:30 pm, with a curatorial introduction to the exhibition and the musical performance of Jason Worton. As is customary, admission will be free and there will also be free tours of the Kingston exhibition, but contributions to the National Gallery’s donations box are always appreciated. The National Gallery gift and coffee shops will be open for business and proceeds from these ventures help to fund programmes such as Last Sundays and exhibitions such as Kingston.

Last Sundays, June 26, 2016/KOTE event – feat. Notis Heavyweight Rockaz and David Gumbs

June 2016 Last Sundays (updated 2)

The National Gallery of Jamaica is presenting a special edition of its Last Sundays on June 26, 2016, on the occasion of the 2016 Kingston on the Edge (KOTE) urban arts festival. The programme features music by Notis Heavyweight Rockaz and, in collaboration with New Local Space (NLS), there will be an interactive video performance by the Martinique-based artist David Gumbs. There will also be opportunity to tour the current exhibition, Digital, and to view the permanent exhibitions.

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Last Sundays, May 29, 2016 – feat. Digital, Stephanie, and Children’s Authors

May 29 2016 Last Sundays

The National Gallery of Jamaica celebrates Child’s Month with special programming for its Last Sundays programme for the month of May.  The programme will feature a musical performance by Stephanie, which will appeal to all audiences, and, for the younger patrons, special readings by three children’s book authors: Tanya Batson-Savage, A-dZiko Simba Gegele and Kellie Magnus. The current exhibition Digital will also be featured.

Stephanie Wallace-Maxwell, known professionally as Stephanie, is a singer and songwriter, whose sound is a fusion of R&B, Reggae, Soul, Dancehall, and Pop; having grown up on a rich variety of music. Stephanie has toured internationally as both lead and backing vocalist with the band Groundation and has also worked with the legendary producers Sly and Robbie for Sony Music Japan, as a member of the group UNITZz, which has had two tremendously successful albums, J Paradise and J Lovers. Stephanie’s musical journey continues to blossom into the realization of a dream that has stuck with her since conception: to make an indelible mark on the world.

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Last Sundays, April 24, 2016 – feat. Digital and Chevaughn

Digital - Invitation-01

The National Gallery of Jamaica’s Last Sundays programme for April 24, 2016, will feature the opening of the Digital exhibition and a musical performance by Chevaughn.

Digital, as the title suggests, is an exhibition of digital art, including video, animation, short films, GIFs, digital illustrations, photography, and social and interactive media, and was curated by Veerle Poupeye, O’Neil Lawrence, and Monique Barnett-Davidson. The exhibition is based on a call for submissions, which was, for the first time in the National Gallery’s history, extended to the wider Caribbean and its diaspora. Of the 73 submissions received, 39 were selected for the exhibition, which features artists who are based in or from Jamaica, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize, Suriname, Bermuda, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Martin, the USA, Canada, France, England, Germany and China. The selected artists are: Ewan Atkinson; Sonia Barrett; Jacqueline Bishop; Kimani Beckford; Beverley Bennett; Ruben Cabenda; Larry Chang; Robin Clare; James Cooper; Di-Andre Caprice Davis; Pablo Delano; Cecile Emeke; Luk Gama; Gregory Stennatt; David Gumbs; Versia Harris; Horacio Hospedales; Katherine Kennedy; Prudence Lovell; Kelley-Ann Lindo; Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow; Olivia McGilchrist; Shane McHugh; Patricia Mohammed; Richard Nattoo; the New Media and Process Class, Edna Manley College; Sharon Norwood; Jik-Reuben Pringle; Gabriel Ramos; Richard Mark Rawlins; Sheena Rose; Danielle Russell; Oneika Russell; Nile Saulter; Henri Tauliaut; Phillip Thomas; Dione Walker; Rodell Warner, Arnaldo James and Darron Clarke; and Ronald Williams. Most of the works in Digital engage actively with the political implications of images and image-making and the exhibition invites reflection about the rapidly changing dynamics of technology, culture, society and visuality since the “digital revolution,” globally and in the Caribbean context.

Chevaughn is a singer/songwriter, who is acclaimed for a velvet smooth tenor infused with rich gospel inflected tones. His unique voice can be heard on Holiday, the chart-topping breakout song of 2009 with Ding Dong, and he was the lead singer of the eclectic roots group C Sharp. January 2014 saw the singer separate from the group to focus on his journey as a solo artist and he launched his debut EP Hopeless Romantic (2014). He has created quite a stir amongst fans across the globe, especially in The Bahamas where fans have taken a particular liking to his song Know Your Friends. His most current songs include So Many Rivers, You Lose and So Let It Be and he is in the process of recording an album with the inimitable Digital B Records and Frankie Music, whilst personally producing a very special project #FromScratch.

The National Gallery of Jamaica’s doors will be open from 11 am to 4 pm on Sunday, April 24 and the exhibition opening and the performance by Chevaughn will start at 1:30 pm. As is customary, admission will be free but contributions to the National Gallery’s donations box are always appreciated. The National Gallery gift and coffee shops will be open for business and proceeds from these ventures help to fund programmes such as Last Sundays and exhibitions such as Digital.

Special Sunday Programme on April 3, 2016

First Sundays - April 3, 2016-02

Since the last Sunday of March 2016 is Easter, and a public holiday, there will be no Last Sundays on that day. We will instead offer a special Sunday programme on April 3, the first Sunday in April. The programme for April 3 features a musical performance by Sherieta and four exhibitions. This includes Selections from the Permanent Collection, Recent Acquisitions and a small tribute exhibition to Barrington Watson. April 3 will also be the last chance to view the critically acclaimed Explorations IV: Masculinities exhibition, which has been held over and closes on that day.

A passionate performer with a powerhouse voice, Sherieta was a semi-finalist in the BBC’s 2007 The Next Big Thing competition. Sherieta tells vivid and deep stories through her songs. This she attributes to, “trying to figure out the answers to life’s most challenging questions.” Sherieta is a proficient songwriter who not only writes her own songs, but has penned lyrics for a number of Jamaican artistes including Etana (Warrior Love, Trigger), Tarrus Riley (Let Peace Reign), Marcia Griffiths (Beer and a Girl), and Romain Virgo (Beautiful).

File Feb 29, 12 45 38 AM

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Last Sundays of February 28 to Feature Tribe Sankofa

February 28 Last Sundays-01

The National Gallery’s programme for Last Sundays on February 28, 2016 will feature Tribe Sankofa with Black Bodies and two exhibitions, Explorations IV: Masculinities and Tribute to Barrington Watson.

Black Bodies is a performance ritual that tells the stories and honours the memories of four Jamaicans (Vanessa Kirkland, Jhaneel Goulbourne, Michael Gayle and Mario Deane) killed by the Police or while in Police custody, combined with a tribute to several African-Americans who have died under similar circumstances in the US. The second half of Black Bodies will be a staged interpretation of an excerpt from Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved.

Tribe Sankofa performs Black Bodies

Tribe Sankofa performs Black Bodies

Black Bodies, the brainchild of Fabian Thomas, who also directed it, features Tribe Sankofa. Tribe Sankofa is a performing arts collective comprised of a vibrant and eclectic cadre of multi-talented performers who are combining their artistry to add an exciting new dimension to the performing arts landscape of Jamaica and the rest of the world. Thomas, who is the Founder/Artistic Director of the collective, describes their niche as “spoken word/poetry, soulful song-styling uniquely blended with other visual and performing arts”.

Sankofa performs Black Bodies

Sankofa performs Black Bodies

The National Gallery’s Explorations IV: Masculinities exhibition is part of an open-ended series of exhibitions that examine major themes and issues in Jamaica’s art and visual culture. Masculinities explores how masculinities, and the use of the plural is deliberate, have been enacted and represented in works of art from the 18th century to the present, which are presented in dialogue with each other. Masculinities will close on March 5.

Barrington Watson - Athlete's Nightmare II (1966), A.D. Scott Collection, NGJ

Barrington Watson – Athlete’s Nightmare II (1966), A.D. Scott Collection, NGJ

Visitors will also be able to view a special tribute exhibition to Barrington Watson, who passed away on January 26. This tribute, which was recently expanded and includes masterworks from the National Gallery Collection and loans from various private collections, will be on view until March 5.

Doors will be open from 11 am to 4 pm for Last Sundays on February 28 and the performance by Tribe Sankofa will start at 1:30 pm. As is customary, admission will be free and free tours and children’s activities will be offered. The gift and coffee shop will be open for business and contributions to the donations box are gratefully accepted. Revenues from our shops and donations help to fund programmes such as the Explorations IV: Masculinities exhibition and our Last Sundays events.