NGJ Summer Exhibition: Nigel Scott

Nigel Scott

Introduction to the Book Honolulu, Kiani is from this series:

Nigel Scott Statement

Nigel Scott – Artist Statement

NIgel Scott - Kiani - IMG_6672 - Artist

Nigel Scott – Kiani

NGJ Summer Exhibition:Stafford Schliefer

Stafford Schliefer

Stafford Schliefer - Carnival Night - NG016

“Carnival Night” was inspired by Caribbean and Brazilian carnivals, the latter having been witnessed on some very colourful nights spent on a visit to Rio de Janeiro, in which the brilliance of the procession was surprisingly not at all dulled by the night. The vitality, energy of physical movement was overwhelming – kept in my mind until and throughout execution of “Carnival Night”. The predominantly black background conjures the night time backdrop, while the use of collage alongside brushing with acrylic paints allowed for the incorporation of items such as coloured feathers, fake jewellery, sequins, varicoloured pipe cleaners, and a carnival mask, all affixed with permanent adhesives. 

Stafford Schliefer - Wind and Light - NG025

Stafford Schliefer – Wind and Light – View of Mavis Bank

“Light and Wind, Mavis Bank” was birthed as a result of dramatic cloud formations observed on a trip to Mavis Bank. In keeping with my traditional infatuation with natural movement, the impressionist technique used allowed me to capture the circular and horizontal shifting of clouds, which appeared to be composing / changing the sky’s stage by redistributing sunlight, a phenomenon which never fails to stimulate me. 


NGJ Summer Exhibition: Judith Salmon

Judith Salmon

Judtih Salmon - Mother Mother Mother 123 - NG164

Judith Salmon – Mother, Mother, Mother I, II, III

Mother, Mother, Mother (#s I, II and III speak about the complexities of motherhood in the face of harsh realities which impact the vulnerable in our society and globally. Mothers not only witness the loss of tender, promising lives, but must pick up the threads and continue to nurture and give hope to the future. 

As mixed media prints these images were developed on paper using recycled linoleum over worked with monotype printing and chine colle. Small woodcuts of the heart in different states were printed on fabric, these were embroidered then hand stitched to the printed work on paper. Mother, Mother , Mother is from a series of seventeen mixed media prints which explore materials and subject in an attempt to get to the human heart of the matter. 


NGJ Summer Exhibition: Norma Rodney Harrack

Norma Rodney Harrack

Norma Rodney Harrack - Folded - NG109.jpg

Norma Rodney Harrack – Folded

“Folded” – a slab-constructed ceramic work is part of a series that explores the traditional ‘envelope’ form.  A template of the form to be constructed was cut from a slab of clay; the two opposing sides were then joined at the sides and further joined to stand upright on a small base; the form was then paddled into flatness. The work conjures up architecture, providing bold use of line, mass and form.

Norma Rodney Harrack - Mountain and Rain - NG112.jpg

Norma Rodney Harrack – Mountain and Rain

“Mountain and Rain” – a rectangular slab work with undulating edge – ‘Mountain’. The lower sections of the flattened sides of the form are punctuated with repetitive low-relief linear striations moving down to the end of the base – ‘rain’.  “Mountain and Rain” manifests my love of nature. Nature’s forces continue to pique my interest and to influence the trajectory of my work. The inspiration I derive from nature also stimulates my creativity and allows greater dimension of my work. 

These hand-built forms are enhanced through my glaze palette of traditional whites and grays and textural qualities to create sculptural ceramics with modern sensibility.

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Randall Richards

Randall Richards

Randall Richards - BlackBodiesInTheSun_I - Artist

Randall Richards – Black Bodies In The Sun


Black Bodies In The Sun is a study on the human form and the way we represent and interpret it. As a series, the work seeks to engage its audience to ask questions about how we perceive our own black bodies, male, female, and other, through stark, textured, monochromatic  juxtapositions of twisting and contorting torsos. It is the beginning of a conversation about self, identity and gender-normativity.”

Instagram: @randyrandeh
Twitter: @randyrandeh

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Derval Johnson

Derval Johnson

Derval Johnson - John Crow Musing - NG068.jpg

The idea for John Crow Musing came to me through the guango wood that I carved it from. I saw the bird within it and carved it out, using the intricate patterns of the wood to compliment its shape. For this I prefer to use the roots of trees, where the patterning is strongest.

I have always liked birds, in fact I have pigeons of my own, and to me the John Crow is a great and powerful bird. It watches over us, mighty and all seeing as it flies above, serious while looking for prey. They are Godly, mysterious creatures that clean the earth by ridding it of dead bodies.