NGJ Summer exhibition: Kerey Miles Walcott

Kerey Miles Walcott

Kerey Miles Walcott - Bole - NG212

Kerey Miles Walcott – Bole

I approach photography primarily through the exploration of textures and structures within the built environment. A study of the nature of people comes as a natural element that is affected by and effects ‘our’ environment, hence making it the primary point of reference. Technology also enters as another variable that has carried significant changes, and being a senior millennial I have gone forward against the current, choosing to shoot primarily on film. The main reason for this is the actual impact of technology, namely smart phones, and the relative ease in which one can create, capture and present content without any real barriers. The focus on film came as an effort to reincorporate a sense of consciousness and accountability in that, every subject has to be worth capturing in order for this process to make sense/cents.

Kerey Miles Walcott - Cant tell me that - NG211 (1)

Kerey Miles Walcott – Can’t Tell Me That

Instagram: @tutty5milli & @yerekselim


NGJ Summer Exhibition: Tammy Turner

Tammy Turner

Tammy Turner - Aunt Beryl's Smile

Tammy Turner – Aunt Beryl’s Smile

“I took this photo of my Grandmother’s little sister this past January at a funeral in Westmoreland. I’ve always loved her well defined features, mostly because they remind me so much of my grandmother’s and of their mother (my great grandmother), a woman who braided and sold tobacco in the Saturday market and who often supplied her district with clean water. It forces me to consider the meeting place between strength and struggle and what that looks like when manifested physically – as seen in her smile, her eyes and the wrinkles that decorate her face.” 

Tammy Turner - A Lift to School

Tammy Turner – A Lift to School

“A Lift to School”

A feature of my photography and something I am interested in as an artist is feminism and the everyday plight of the Jamaican woman. 

I’m also a fan of the bike/bicycle culture in Westmoreland (where this photo was shot) and this is a really common scene in the morning time. Capturing this mother towing her daughter was beautiful because it brought all of those things together in a really beautiful way. 

Instagram: @tturnr.jpg

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Samere Tansley

Samere Tansley

Samere Tansley - NG007.jpg

Samere Tansley – Nature Reclaiming Her Territory

While I understand the urge to create images of despair as we career headlong into an uncertain future as climate change takes hold, my aim with this painting is different. 

Through careful observation, through the lens of my inherent love of nature I hope to remind us to pay attention to, and truly appreciate the moments of peace and serenity that still exist both within and without.

If given a chance nature can heal itself, and as we are part of nature, the fate of the oceans, the trees, the birds and animals, is also the fate of us humans.

Facebook: SamereTansleyPaintings

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Margaret Stanley

Margaret Stanley

Maragret Stanley - Chat to mi back - NG050

‘Chat to mi Back’ the exit is part of a series called ‘Versions’, an alternative look at ‘Fashionistas’ in our Jamaican culture. I originally trained in Fashion in the UK, however I have worked more as a Textile artist. I recently revisited one of my favourite aspects of fashion, Illustration.  This series is a humorous look at our very fashionable Jamaican women.

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Kay Sullivan

Kay Sullivan

Kay Sullivan - The Lion Sleeps to Night - NG150

Kay Sullivan – The Lion Sleeps to Night

I am an animal lover and I wanted to show that they experience feelings just like us. The lion is a majestic animal, and his roar strikes terror in both man and beast, but he also has a gentler side. I wanted to show him not prowling or hunting but curled up asleep with his head against his lioness soul- mate. The rest of the jungle relaxes while the lion sleeps.

This piece is a relief cast in bronze-resin, which is resin mixed with pulverized bronze.

NGJ Summer Exhibition: Tina Spiro

Tina Spiro

Tina Spiro, The Deep, Oil and casein on canvas and driftwood, 7'6_ X 10', 2019 copy

Tina Spiro – The Deep

“The Deep” is dedicated to the sea and our relationship to it. Sadly, we are losing the battle to preserve this essential source of life on our planet, along with all forms of life, and our ability to survive climate change, which is occurring now. 

Yet making art is a joyous process, laced with humor and good will. The small female diver encounters the leviathan, who eyes the viewer with mixed feelings. This somber message is delivered in the cloak of beauty…enjoy and take action.

Facebook: tina.matkovicspiro