NGJ Summer Exhibition: Jag Mehta

Jag Mehta

Jag Mehta - No. 1 - Done in Japan - NG090.jpg


I start on a new ceramic piece with very vague idea as to its shape or its finished look. However it very rarely turns out like my original idea. As I work with a  piece of clay in my hands it comes alive and leads me through each step, particularly when I am working on a round or cylindrical piece. Near the end clay completely takes over and guides me to the finished final look. Many a time my pieces may give an organic and unfinished look.

My ceramic pieces are mostly done by coil method on a  small nonelectric wheel, similar to a Lazy Susan, which I slowly move by hand to give it desired shape to clay.

I have no formal education, diploma or degree in study of ceramics/arts. I know very little about glazes ( which in itself is a science and art), I use oxides and underglaze colours which do not need much knowledge, experimentation or experience. 


Jag Mehta - No 2 - Done in Japan - NG105

Jag Mehta – No 2 – Done in Japan

I have been doing ceramics for over 42 years as a serious hobby with solo, joint and group shows in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, India and London, UK. 

I do have degrees from Cornell University and Columbia University. No wonder I am called “Odd Man Out”.


Jamaica Biennial 2017 – Invited Artists 2017: Jag Mehta

Jag Mehta – Done in India (2015)

Jag Mehta’s work can be seen at the National Gallery of Jamaica in Kingston until May 28, as part of the Jamaica Biennial 2017.

Jag Mehta was born 1933 in Lahore, Pakistan. He was educated at Cornell University, New York (BSc.) and Columbia University, New York (MBA). He also did part-time studies in Ceramics at Loughborough University of Technology, England; the University of Puerto Rico and the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Jamaica, London and Puerto Rico, and has been a regular exhibitor at the National Gallery of Jamaica. He is best known for his organic yet subtly geometric sculptural forms and vessels. He lives in St Ann, Jamaica.

Jag Mehta – Done in China (2015