NGJ Summer Exhibition: Hasani Claxton

Hasani Claxton

Hasani Claxton

Hasani Claxton – Angry Black Woman/A Right to be Hostile (left) & Buggin’Out (right)

My paintings and sculptures highlight the individuality of Black people — a luxury often denied to us in Western society. My work is concerned with subcultures that defy popular conceptions of Blackness: Black nerds, punk rockers, bohemians, among others. Similarly, my work disregards cultural expectations, finding inspiration in Japanese anime and manga, as well as American comics. I merge the eccentric visual language of these mediums with realist painting and sculpture, thus blurring the lines between realism and surrealism, between popular culture and fine art. Each work presents a crossover of ideas, affirming that culture is itself an infinitely malleable medium.

Regarding the 2 sculptures in the exhibition, they are satirical examinations of the prevalent stereotype that black women are overly emotional. I created hyperrealistic renditions of the absurd “Chibi” expressions from Japanese animation to expose the ridiculousness of racial stereotypes.

Instagram: @hasaniclaxton
Facebook: @hasaniclaxtonart