Video Documentary – Barrington: A Retrospective

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This exhibition has been kindly sponsored by Jamaica National Building Society, Scotia Private Client Group, Island Car Rentals, Gleaner, Stewart’s Automotive, Pan-Jamaican Investments, Mayberry Investments and Wysinco.

Barrington Watson – Out of Many, One People (1962)

Barrington Watson – Out of Many, One People (1962), whereabouts unknown

His Grace Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, and Mrs Sentamu visited the NGJ, and its current Barrington: A Retrospective exhibition on Saturday, January 28, 2012. Among the many things they viewed, were a text panel and preparatory drawings for Out of Many One People (1962), a lost painting by Barrington Watson. On the next day, Archbishop Sentamu made reference to the painting as a metaphor for Jamaican society in his sermon at the Webster Memorial Church in Kingston. Archbishop Sentamu’s visit to Jamaica was associated with the Jamaica 50 observations. Below we provide you with further information on Barrington’s Out of Many One People painting.

“Out of Many, One People shows people at a bus stop, waiting to take the bus into the future. There are many people, young and old, middle class and working class, black, white, Indian and Chinese”

–  Barrington Watson

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Barrington: A Retrospective – Annex Exhibition at the Bank of Jamaica

The second of the two annex exhibitions of the NGJ’s Barrington: A Retrospective (January 8-April 14, 2012) exhibitions is at the Bank of Jamaica.

Barrington in the 1970s chaired the Bank of Jamaica’s art acquisitions committee and produced two commissions for the central bank. One is the sculptural installation Trust (1975) which was produced in cooperation with master ceramist Cecil Baugh; the second and probably better known is the mural size painting The Garden Party (1975), which is on permanent view in the lobby of the Bank’s auditorium. The Garden Party presented a satirical panorama of life and politics in Jamaica in the 1970s. This annex exhibition consists of studies and a painting related to The Garden Party.

Please enjoy this short video on the Bank of Jamaica annex exhibition!

Barrington: A Retrospective – Annex Exhibition at the Olympia Art Centre

One of two annex exhibitions to Barrington: A Retrospective (January 8-April 14, 2012) is on view at the Olympia Art Centre. This annex exhibition,which is titled Our African Heritage, presents a specific subset of Barrington’s history painting, where the artist explores our African heritage. This annex exhibition is organized around the massive mural Our Heritage (1974) at the Olympia Art Centre and comprises related studies, other canvases that explore our links with Africa, and Barrington’s vast compendium of portraits of Pan-Africanist heroes, which includes portraits of our own Marcus Garvey.

Please enjoy this short video on the Olympia annex exhibition!