New Roots: Astro Saulter

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Astro Saulter (b1978, Jamaica) is a digital artist living in Negril, Jamaica. As an infant, Astro was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy – a brain and nervous system disorder which causes severe physical disability. One of eight children, Astro’s parents nurtured all of their children’s creative spirit and Astro was no different. At the age of 12, he was enrolled in a special needs school in the USA. There he learned basic subjects and computer skills, including the use of a hands-free head set to perform computer functions. He was later transferred into the general high school system in Miami, Florida. He returned home to Jamaica in 1998. Since then Astro has used the computer as his ‘life-line’ to the world. Around 2001, he began creating visual art. Enabled by the program EZ-Keys, Astro operates his computer using a head switch on the back of his wheelchair, he uses drawing programs such as Macromedia Freehand and Inkscape to “sketch” his drawings, painstakingly connecting lines and filling colors one step at a time.

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