NGJ Summer Exhibition:Stafford Schliefer

Stafford Schliefer

Stafford Schliefer - Carnival Night - NG016

“Carnival Night” was inspired by Caribbean and Brazilian carnivals, the latter having been witnessed on some very colourful nights spent on a visit to Rio de Janeiro, in which the brilliance of the procession was surprisingly not at all dulled by the night. The vitality, energy of physical movement was overwhelming – kept in my mind until and throughout execution of “Carnival Night”. The predominantly black background conjures the night time backdrop, while the use of collage alongside brushing with acrylic paints allowed for the incorporation of items such as coloured feathers, fake jewellery, sequins, varicoloured pipe cleaners, and a carnival mask, all affixed with permanent adhesives. 

Stafford Schliefer - Wind and Light - NG025

Stafford Schliefer – Wind and Light – View of Mavis Bank

“Light and Wind, Mavis Bank” was birthed as a result of dramatic cloud formations observed on a trip to Mavis Bank. In keeping with my traditional infatuation with natural movement, the impressionist technique used allowed me to capture the circular and horizontal shifting of clouds, which appeared to be composing / changing the sky’s stage by redistributing sunlight, a phenomenon which never fails to stimulate me. 



Jamaica Biennial 2017 – Invited Artists: Stafford Schliefer

Stafford Schliefer – Influx (2017)

Here is another feature from our Jamaica Biennial 2017 archives:

Stafford Schliefer was born in 1939, in Kingston, Jamaica. Schliefer is a self-taught artist who has been exhibiting locally and internationally since 1969. His recent exhibitions include New Works by the Masters Alexander Cooper and Stafford Schliefer (2011) at the Mutual Gallery and Art Center and the Jamaica Biennial 2014 at the National Gallery of Jamaica. Schliefer’s art is thematically mixed and often satirical in intent, including erotica, cultural traditions and sociopolitical themes. His works are executed in various paint and drawing media, using a stylistic fusion of figuration and abstract expressionism characterized by an exuberant use of colour and motion with gestural brushwork. He lives in Kingston, Jamaica.


Stafford Schliefer – Busta Backbone (2017)