NGJ Summer Exhibition: Samere Tansley

Samere Tansley

Samere Tansley - NG007.jpg

Samere Tansley – Nature Reclaiming Her Territory

While I understand the urge to create images of despair as we career headlong into an uncertain future as climate change takes hold, my aim with this painting is different. 

Through careful observation, through the lens of my inherent love of nature I hope to remind us to pay attention to, and truly appreciate the moments of peace and serenity that still exist both within and without.

If given a chance nature can heal itself, and as we are part of nature, the fate of the oceans, the trees, the birds and animals, is also the fate of us humans.

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Jamaica Biennial 2017 – Invited Artists: Samere Tansley

Samere Tansley – Banana Red (2017)

Samere Tansley participated in the recently closed Jamaica Biennial 2017 with the painting Banana Red. Here is a short feature:

Samere Tansley was born in 1944, in Worcestershire, England. She attended the Stourbridge and Birmingham Schools of Art and Goldsmith College in London, England. In 1985 she received a silver medal in the annual Jamaica Festival exhibition and since 1975 she has exhibited extensively both locally and abroad. Tansley’s work is inspired from the visual richness of the Jamaican environment and people, and reflects the abundance of the land and the sharp contrasts of light. She is best known for her still lifes and iconic portraiture of Jamaican women. She lives in St Andrew, Jamaica.