New Roots: The Girl and the Magpie

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The artist behind The Girl and the Magpie was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Africa). She obtained a Masters Degree in Archeology and History of Art in Belgium (1996). She began to make jewellery in Burkina Faso (2005) where she mastered the lost-wax casting technique, an ancestral method for casting bronze. While traveling regularly between Europe and Africa, she continued her goldsmith and contemporary jewellery training at the Technical School for Arts and Crafts in Brussels, Belgium (2005-2011).  She has been living and working in Jamaica for the last two years. She has exhibited in Belgium, Burkina Faso and in Jamaica, where she has collaborated with Jackie Cohen to produce accessories for her Mutamba clothing line for 2012 Caribbean Fashion Week. Fragile Jamaica is a (fragile) collection inviting reflections on the fragility of Jamaica’s ecological balance. Love for Jamaica’s beauty is not enough, on all levels more actions are needed to encourage its preservation: from daily personal actions, over community projects, to political decisions. Continue reading

Young Talent V: Megan McKain

Megan McKain - Undulating Blue (2009)

Part of the thrust of Young Talent V is to challenge the remarkably disciplinary boundaries between the conventional fine and applied arts. The exhibition, among other things, pays special attention to fashion design, fashion photography, jewellery and body adornment. Megan McKain is a young Jamaican jeweller  who deliberately challenges these boundaries in her artistic practice. Her work is curated by Veerle Poupeye.

Megan A. McKain was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1985. Her affinity for art was fostered at an early age and this ultimately led to her enrollment at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts where she attained a diploma in Jewellery. Whilst studying, she launched her self-titled line of handmade jewellery – Megan Allison. The brand has garnered local publicity and most recently was represented internationally at Atlantic Fashion Week 2009 (AFW 09) in Nova Scotia Canada. Continue reading