National Biennial 2012: The Way Art Makes Me Feel (and Think), by Deanne Bell, Ph.D.

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This perspective on the 2012 National Biennial was contributed by a visitor to the NGJ, Deanne Bell, Ph.D. It is the second of several perspectives from staff members and viewers we intend to publish.

I return home to Kingston to work on my dry-cleaning business. The days are filled with entrepreneurial responsibilities; fine tuning operations, responding to customer concerns, managing resources. It is difficult to know what I feel. The world of capitalism requires this numbness in order not to question its premise or link it with the poverty and brokenness I see in people’s bodies everyday.

I go to the National Gallery on Ocean Boulevard for the opening of the 2012 Biennial and twice, again, in January 2013. Brazilian politician, writer, and theatre director Augusto Boal (2006) observes that aesthetics can play a role in instigating emotion where the ability to feel is atrophying. Continue reading