The National Gallery of Jamaica at 35

Inside the NGJ entrance lobby

We could not let the year come to a close without acknowledging that 2009 marks the 35th anniversary of the NGJ. This post is based on a press release we have sent out to mark the occasion and provides an overview of the NGJ’s key achievements and activities.

The National Gallery of Jamaica was established in 1974, as the first national art gallery in the Anglophone Caribbean. National galleries have since been established in Guyana, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and soon also in Barbados but within the Caribbean region, the National Gallery of Jamaica is second only to the art museums of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in terms of the size of its facilities and collection and the scope of its operations.

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Launching the National Gallery of Jamaica blog!

Installation view - National Biennial 2008

Installation view - National Biennial 2008

We’ve talked about it for some time and now we’re actually doing it, launching the National Gallery of Jamaica’s blog. Developed in tandem with our Facebook group, it will serve as a vehicle for gallery news and information on Jamaican art and artists. We will aim to post about twice per month and whenever circumstances call for it. And, since a blog is an interactive medium, we do look forward to your comments. Look out for our first major post soon!