NGJ Hosts Successful IRPC Poster Auction


The National Gallery of Jamaica came alive for the gallery’s Last Sundays programme June 30 which began with Sparrow Martin and the Ska Sonics blessing the place with wonderful music and knowledge. And then,150 people filled the the lower and upper gallery for the International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC) auction. Benefiting the Alpha Institute School of Music, it was a lively and friendly competition between art, music and development supporters hoping to go home with their favorite poster design. Paperboy JA, the local IRPC print partner, and The Denizen JA,which contributed paintings inspired by the contest, helped to make the event a signature weekend event. All partners are glad to announce proceeds in the amount of  JA$412,749.98 in support of Alpha’s academic and vocational training for at risk youth.

Senior Director of the National Gallery, Jonathan Greenland, said he was particularly pleased. “We don’t have the opportunity to do activities like this very often. I’m glad to see the large turnout and excitement.  It is wonderful to know that the relationship between the International Reggae Poster Contest and Alpha will continue.”


Carolyn Cooper opened the event on behalf of the IRPC. Cooper said the IRPC is an important cultural activity. “I’m delighted to represent Maria Papaefstathiou on this occasion. In March, she came to Jamaica for the National Gallery’s reception for the reggae poster exhibition. Regretfully, she could not return for today’s auction. It’s such a pleasure working with Maria in support of the International Reggae Poster Contest. Of all the cultural work I do, the IRPC is especially rewarding. The proceeds of the poster auction will go to the Alpha Institute which has nurtured so many generations of Jamaican musicians. Let’s all support this most worthy cause!”

Since 2012, the IRPC has been a strong supporter of the The Alpha Institute. The late co-founder, Michael Thompson donated his 2011 poster design which became Alpha’s iconic logo. And Maria Papaefstathiou, his colleague and co founder, has been tireless with her own service to the school and in helping Alpha connect with new supporters worldwide.

Sister Susan Fraser, whose idea it was to ask Michael Thompson if Alpha could use his image has its logo in 2012, notes the impact the visual arts have made for her students. “I remember when we first started printing tee shirts with Michael’s logo. At the time some Alpha students were uncomfortable letting people know they lived in an orphanage. When shirts with Michael’s logo starting being printed students suddenly wanted to wear the shirt and represent Alpha. In that sense, visual art is still helping to transform the lives of Alpha boys and we will always be grateful for that.”


Douglas Reid, the poster auctioneer and owner of Grosvenor Galleries, was also there in 2012. “I noticed a little different vibe this time around. People came ready to bid this year. The first time we did it, patrons were not sure what to do perhaps. This time, things got started quickly and it was a lot of fun.”

O’Neil Lawrence, Chief Curator at the National Gallery of Jamaica, says the gallery is honoured to have been involved in this fundraising initiative. “We have been able to maintain a close relationship with Alpha since the first Reggae Poster Exhibition and look forward to the future of our association. We have also featured many current and past students of the school’s music programme at our Last Sunday’s openings and it has been a mutually beneficial association. Special thanks to the IRPC and the Alpha Institute for doing their part to make this a success.”


NGJ to Host Reggae Poster Benefit Auction for Alpha Boys Home – November 11

The NGJ is pleased to support and host the upcoming auction of the posters in its current World-a-Reggae exhibition, which follows on the closure of that exhibition on Sunday, November 11. All proceeds from the auction will go to Alpha Boys School in recognition of its seminal role in the development of Jamaican music. The press release is below and the auction catalogue can be downloaded here: Reggae_Poster_auction_catalogue. All estimates are in Jamaican dollars.

The Alpha Boys School and the International Reggae Poster Contest are very pleased to announce the auction of the top posters from the contest, including special contributions from renowned poster artists, will be held on November 11 at the National Gallery of Jamaica in downtown Kingston.

Michael Thompson (screen print) – one of the posters up for auction!

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Art A[u]ction for Haiti – Catalogue

National Gallery of Jamaica - Sunday, April 18, 2010


UPDATED APRIL 18: Two errors were made in the catalogue, pertaining to Lot 17 and Lot 81. For the correction, click here: errata catalogue



Event Information

The Art A[u]ction for Haiti Committee, in association with the Edna Manley Foundation, the National Gallery of Jamaica, Hi-Qo Galleries, Harmony Hall, the Mutual Gallery and Art Centre, and Roktowa, is pleased to present: Art A[u]ction for Haiti, a fundraiser to assist with the recovery of the Haitian art world. Several artists and collectors have made outright donations to this benefit while others have made partial donations — all are received with gratitude. The proceeds of this benefit will therefore support the reconstruction and revival of the Centre d’Art, and the sculptors’ collective of the Grand Rue inner city community, which had in December 2009 hosted the Ghetto Biennale in which Jamaica’s Ebony Patterson participated. A portion of the proceeds will also go the upcoming residency of nine Haitian artists, including three Grand Rue sculptors, at the Roktowa studio facility in West Kingston.

Art Sale: The sale section consists of works of art that will be offered at fixed price and that will be on view at the NGJ, along with the auction preview, from Wednesday, April 14 to Sunday, April 18. Viewing and sales hours are: Wednesday and Thursday: 10 am to 4:30 pm, Friday: 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday 10 am to 3 pm, Sunday: 11 am to 3 pm.

Art Auction: The auction preview will be at the NGJ during the same hours as the works in the art sale – see above. The auction itself will take place on Sunday, April 18, from 3 to 6 pm, at the NGJ. Bidders must be registered by 2:45 pm. Absentee bids will be entertained but duly completed absentee bid forms should be received by the NGJ by Saturday, April 17 at 3 pm. They may be mailed, couriered, delivered or faxed (to 1.876.922-8544).

For more information about this fundraiser, please contact the NGJ at 1.876.922-1561 or -3; 1.876.618-0654 or -5; or at

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Art A[u]ction for Haiti – Press Release

John Dunkley, Three Spanish Jars (n.d.)

The Art A[u]ction for Haiti Committee, in association with the Edna Manley Foundation, the National Gallery of Jamaica, Hi-Qo Galleries, Harmony Hall, the Mutual Gallery and Art Centre, and Roktowa, is pleased to present: Art A[u]ction for Haiti, a fundraiser to assist with the recovery of the Haitian art world.

This collaborative effort is the initiative of concerned members of the Jamaican Art community who are responding to not only the physical devastation of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on the 12th of January 2010 but also to the cultural and economic losses. Many are aware of the physical destruction and loss of life that occurred as there has been widespread coverage in the media. There has however been very little coverage on the devastation to Haiti’s cultural sector.

The Haitian art world suffered great losses in the earthquake. Museums and art galleries were extensively damaged, among them Port-au-Prince’s historic Centre d’Art, which in the mid 20th century launched Haitian art into the international arena, which was completely destroyed. The Haitian art collection at the College de Saint Pierre was also devastated, as were the famous murals of the Holy Trinity Cathedral. The devastation has also affected the artists’ collectives of the Haitian capital, most of which operate in the inner-cities and provide much-needed income for the artists and their communities. Continue reading

Art A[u]ction for Haiti

Support this good cause!

The production and sale of art has, since the mid 20th century, been an important source of income for Haitians of all walks of life. Inevitably, these activities have been severely disrupted by the recent earthquake, to the cultural and, not to be overlooked, economic detriment of those involved. Art A[u]ction for Haiti is a benefit auction to assist with the reconstruction of Haiti’s art world, spearheaded by the Edna Manley Foundation, hosted by the NGJ and supported by a wide range of stakeholders in the Jamaican art world.The proceeds will go to the revival of the historic Centre d’Art, whose landmark building was almost completely destroyed, and the sculptors of the Grand Rue, an inner-city community arts project.

Artists and collectors are invited to contribute works to this fundraising auction, as outright donations or on a commission basis. The deadline for submissions has been extended to Saturday, April 3. Contact the persons listed on the flyer for more information and to make arrangements for your contribution.

The auction preview will take place from April 14 to 18 and the auction itself will be held on Sunday, April 18, starting at 3 pm. Look out for more information on this event soon.

Please support this worthwhile cause and help us to spread the word!

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