Remembering Albert Huie (1920-2010)

This post is the NGJ’s tribute to Jamaican master painter and printmaker Albert Huie, who passed away on Sunday. It was written by David Boxer, Chief Curator, and Veerle Poupeye, Executive Director.

Albert Huie - Crop Time (1955), Collection: National Gallery of Jamaica

Albert Huie was born on December 31, 1920 in Falmouth, Trelawny, and moved to Kingston in 1936. Within months of his arrival in Kingston he completed his first painting The Dancers. This precocious painting by the sixteen year old was to be the “launching pad” of a prodigious career.  Huie himself related his “discovery” by H. Delves Molesworth, the then Secretary of the Institute of Jamaica:

In the beginning I bought enamels in small tins from a hardware store and this was the medium I used to paint The Dancers after I had observed the scene in a downtown piano bar. Not long afterwards, I took this painting along with a couple others and my sketches, to the Institute of Jamaica to show them to Delves Molesworth. I was almost thrown out of the  Institute. Mr. Molesworth himself interceded, looked at what I had brought to show him and expressed an interest. He invited me to his house and commissioned a portrait to be done of his wife. During this time he began introducing me to his circle of friends, which included the Manleys. His property adjoined Drumblair. My long association with the Manleys began after this.

Albert Huie’s first landscape was painted at Drumblair and is in fact titled Drumblair. A regular visitor to Drumblair in the late thirties, Huie also recalled that his first woodcut was done in Edna Manley’s studio.

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“Edward Lucie-Smith: 40 Photographs” to Open on January 17

Edward Lucie-Smith, Horse Tamer, St. Petersburg, Russia

The National Gallery of Jamaica is pleased to announce its first exhibition for 2010, Edward Lucie-Smith: 40 Photographs, which will open on Sunday, January 17, 2010 and remain on view until March 6. The exhibition consists of a selection of 40 of the 61 photographs recently donated to the National Gallery of Jamaica by Edward Lucie-Smith and serves to inaugurate this important donation to the Jamaican public. The 61 photographs were selected from Edward Lucie-Smith’s photographic archives and specially printed for the National Gallery. The framing of the 40 works in the inaugural exhibition was generously sponsored by Hi-Qo Gallery.

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Edward Lucie-Smith Donates Sixty-One Photographs to the NGJ

Bogle Lawn, Jamaica

Edward Lucie-Smith, Bogle Lawn, Jamaica

The Jamaican-born art critic, photographer and poet Edward Lucie-Smith has donated sixty-one photographs to the National Gallery of Jamaica. The photographs were selected from Lucie-Smith’s wide-ranging photographic oeuvre and the prints were produced especially for the NGJ. The subject matter varies widely and includes what he calls “accidental abstractions” – photographic close-ups that look like abstract paintings; travel photographs from modern China, Jamaica and the Venice Carnival;  and a provocative juxtaposition of photographs of details of nude sculptures and actual nude photographs, as he had also presented in his book Flesh & Stone (2000). A selection of forty of the donated photographs will be included in the inaugural exhibition of this new collection, which will open at the NGJ on Sunday, January 17, 2010.

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