Dwight Larmond – Winner of the 2011 Claro Viewer’s Vote

Dwight Larmond - Wi and Dem (2011, mixed media)

On the afternoon of September 15, 2011 Dwight Larmond, participant and bronze medallist of the 2011 National Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition, a joint project of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and the National Gallery of Jamaica, received the Claro Viewer’s Vote award at the National Gallery. He won the award for his mix-media piece entitled Wi and Dem – a work based on events surrounding the Tivoli incursion of May 2010. Presenting the award was Ms Latoy Williams, Claro Media Manager. Also in attendance to the presentation was Mrs Sana Rose-Savage, representing the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), Dr Veerle Poupeye Executive Director of the National Gallery, Dr David Boxer, Chief Curator and Mr O’Neil Lawrence, Assistant Curator.

2011 Claro Viewer's Vote Award ceremony - from left to right: David Boxer, O'Neil Lawrence, Sana Rose-Savage, Dwight Larmond, Latoy Williams, Veerle Poupeye

A regular participant of the National Visual Arts Competition as well as the National Biennial (both of which he began entering in 2008), the confident and driven Dwight Larmond is a self-taught artist with vision of social change through artistic collaboration. This was evident in his 2008 biennial entry Team Roots which was comprised of clays from each of Jamaica’s fourteen parishes. A used car salesman and avid sports enthusiast, Mr. Larmond emphatically states that art is central to his life.

Have a look at this video, recorded at the opening of the exhibition’s traveling showcase at the St Mary Civic Centre on September 27,  to get a sense of how viewers have responded to Dwight Larmond’s work:

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