Last Sundays January 27, 2019 to feature Bobby Burns

Last Sundays - January 27, 2019

The National Gallery of Jamaica’s first Last Sundays programming for the year will feature Bobby Burns on January 27th, 2019, as well as tours of our recently extended exhibition, Beyond Fashion.

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Bobby Burns is a singer and songwriter whose musical career began in 1988 at the tender age of 12. He began by performing with his older brother and greatest influence, Llyod Hemmings, at shows across the island. Burns migrated to the United Kingdom in 1999 and joined a group called “The Savannas”. They secured a contract with a leading Reggae distributor, Jet Star Recordings. In 2004 Burns returned to Jamaica and has continued to pursue a musical career. He has released the titles “Caught”, “Over U” and “Sunshine”. He has also performed alongside notable names, such as “Sugar Minnott”.

Now extended until February 24, 2019, Beyond Fashion takes a deeper look at the relationship between fashion and art. It explores how they may be integrated to produce works that speak to a variety of concepts. In this exhibition there are a myriad of art forms, such as photography, quilting, installation and jewellery to name a few.

The National Gallery of Jamaica will be open from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, with the Bobby Burns performance beginning at 1:30 p.m. As per usual on Last Sundays, admission is free, but contributions to our Donations Box, located in the lobby, are appreciated. These donations help to fund exhibitions like Beyond Fashion and our Last Sundays programming. The National Gallery’s Gift Shop and Coffee Shop will be open for business.