Roxanne Silent appointed Acting Senior Director

Ms. Roxanne Silent (Acting Senior Director, NGJ)

The National Gallery of Jamaica (NGJ) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Roxanne Silent as its Acting Senior Director.

With vast administrative experience and procedural knowledge of the Gallery from her working in the in the post of Director – Finance and Administration, as well Board Secretary and in her substantive post as Records & Information Officer (Registrar), Ms. Silent has a deep understanding and sense for the NGJ’s mission and needs. With her fulsome knowledge of the organization over her 26-year tenure as well as the skill set developed over that time, she is well equipped to lead the NGJ.

In her new position as Senior Director, previously defined as Executive Director, Ms. Silent will fulfill all the roles and responsibilities therein. She undertakes this post at an important time as we prepare for the opening of Kingston Biennial on June 26th 2022 and celebrations for Jamaica’s 60th anniversary to begin.

The Board of the National Gallery of Jamaica, the Institute of Jamaica, and the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport look forward to Ms Silent’s leadership and the knowledge that she brings to the post.

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