Between November 2019 and March 2020, the Jamaican artistic community lost some of its most important personalities. At the National Gallery of Jamaica, it was our wish to honour the memory of these notables through our In Memoriam blog series. However, due to the rapid succession of these saddening announcements, we were greatly challenged to prepare and produce our articles in a manner that coincided with the other memorial or funerary activities being undertaken by the bereaved. 

Additionally, the emergence of the COVID-19 health crisis in Jamaica has severely impacted our daily operations, as we join the rest of our island in our adherence to the public health directives being implemented by the Jamaican Government. 

It is with the deepest respect, that we are now able to post our tributes to: 

Susan Shirley (1950 – 2019)

Rafiki Karuiki (1951 – 2020)

Michael Stanley (1944 – 2020)

Alexander Cooper (1934 – 2020)

Wallace Campbell (1940 – 2020)

Beverley Oliver (1956 – 2020) 

As you read these tributes, we encourage you, our audience, to consider that each of these individuals have been integral in the practice and promotion of the visual arts of Jamaica for most of their lives. Whether this has been through the creation of impactful works of art, demonstrations of exemplary technical skill or in the active support for the arts through patronage and voluntary service, they have all added to and enriched the history, ideas and innovations that characterize Jamaican creative culture. 

Please note that none of these individuals passed away due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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