NGJ Summer exhibition: Kerey Miles Walcott

Kerey Miles Walcott

Kerey Miles Walcott - Bole - NG212

Kerey Miles Walcott – Bole

I approach photography primarily through the exploration of textures and structures within the built environment. A study of the nature of people comes as a natural element that is affected by and effects ‘our’ environment, hence making it the primary point of reference. Technology also enters as another variable that has carried significant changes, and being a senior millennial I have gone forward against the current, choosing to shoot primarily on film. The main reason for this is the actual impact of technology, namely smart phones, and the relative ease in which one can create, capture and present content without any real barriers. The focus on film came as an effort to reincorporate a sense of consciousness and accountability in that, every subject has to be worth capturing in order for this process to make sense/cents.

Kerey Miles Walcott - Cant tell me that - NG211 (1)

Kerey Miles Walcott – Can’t Tell Me That

Instagram: @tutty5milli & @yerekselim


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