NGJ Summer Exhibition: Tammy Turner

Tammy Turner

Tammy Turner - Aunt Beryl's Smile

Tammy Turner – Aunt Beryl’s Smile

“I took this photo of my Grandmother’s little sister this past January at a funeral in Westmoreland. I’ve always loved her well defined features, mostly because they remind me so much of my grandmother’s and of their mother (my great grandmother), a woman who braided and sold tobacco in the Saturday market and who often supplied her district with clean water. It forces me to consider the meeting place between strength and struggle and what that looks like when manifested physically – as seen in her smile, her eyes and the wrinkles that decorate her face.” 

Tammy Turner - A Lift to School

Tammy Turner – A Lift to School

“A Lift to School”

A feature of my photography and something I am interested in as an artist is feminism and the everyday plight of the Jamaican woman. 

I’m also a fan of the bike/bicycle culture in Westmoreland (where this photo was shot) and this is a really common scene in the morning time. Capturing this mother towing her daughter was beautiful because it brought all of those things together in a really beautiful way. 

Instagram: @tturnr.jpg

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