NGJ Summer Exhibition: David Pinto

David Pinto

David Pinto - Fractured and Internalize

David Pinto – Internalize (left) and Fractured (right)

The “Soul Serving“ series creates a dialog between our ancestors and our present day ritual.  Ritual can be as simple as sharing a meal or as elaborate as the most complex ancient religious practice.  This “Soul Serving” series celebrates energy beyond the physical. Each vessel is infused with a creative spirit.  These clay forms, fired over days, invites us to elevate beyond our fast-paced world of convenience, and connect to the spiritual nourishment of one’s soul.

My work develops in series where a conversation unfolds between the works I have already created, my inspiration from nature, feelings, concepts and the new pieces in process. #elevateyoureveryday #pintopottery #ceramicart

Instagram: @pintopottery

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