NGJ Summer Exhibition: Jag Mehta

Jag Mehta

Jag Mehta - No. 1 - Done in Japan - NG090.jpg


I start on a new ceramic piece with very vague idea as to its shape or its finished look. However it very rarely turns out like my original idea. As I work with a  piece of clay in my hands it comes alive and leads me through each step, particularly when I am working on a round or cylindrical piece. Near the end clay completely takes over and guides me to the finished final look. Many a time my pieces may give an organic and unfinished look.

My ceramic pieces are mostly done by coil method on a  small nonelectric wheel, similar to a Lazy Susan, which I slowly move by hand to give it desired shape to clay.

I have no formal education, diploma or degree in study of ceramics/arts. I know very little about glazes ( which in itself is a science and art), I use oxides and underglaze colours which do not need much knowledge, experimentation or experience. 


Jag Mehta - No 2 - Done in Japan - NG105

Jag Mehta – No 2 – Done in Japan

I have been doing ceramics for over 42 years as a serious hobby with solo, joint and group shows in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, India and London, UK. 

I do have degrees from Cornell University and Columbia University. No wonder I am called “Odd Man Out”.

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