NGJ Summer Exhibition: Michele Lee Lambert

Michele Lee Lambert

Windows 3-final

Michele Lee Lambert – Downtown Deco

After the 1907 earthquake that devastated much of Kingston, Art Deco buildings were built in the downtown area, most of which are now in ruins due to years of neglect. This piece is an ode to the rarely recognized architectural style in Jamaica whose beauty is still palpable, and to the people who occupied these buildings. This work, like a lot of my art, exemplifies the “aesthetics of decay” which is eloquently described by William Seitz-

“When paper is soiled or lacerated, when cloth is worn, stained, torn, when wood is split, weathered, or patterned with peeling coats of paint, when metal is bent or rusted, they gain connotations which unmarked materials lack.”

Instagram: @micheleleelambert


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