NGJ Summer Exhibition: Christopher Irons

Christopher Irons

Christopher Irons - Cornerstone - NG079

Christopher Irons from Jamaica created a sculpture as a tribute to the late great Jamaican artist, Christopher Gonzalez, titled “Cornerstone”. The work was made from red bricks that were pounded and sieved, silica sand, fiberglass resin with a plaster base. (to give a stone-like look). The statue was  done because of the issues surrounding Gonzalez’s work depicting the late Jamaican icon, Bob Marley. This work caused a nationwide resentment because of the concept used to depict Bob Marley rooted in his African and Rastafarian culture.

However, two decades later, many who had rejected the work developed an appreciation for it, and tourists who came to Jamaica requested to take pictures with the work, which was at the National Gallery of Jamaica. Ironically, it was the same way Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh were treated when they started singing and playing Reggaemusic. Bob Marley actually quoted the Holy Bible in one of his songs, “The stone that the builder refused shall be the head cornerstone.”

The Bricks came from North Street close to the former Art School.

Facebook: christopher.irons.32
Youtube: Christopher Billionare

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