NGJ Summer Exhibition: Melanie Henriques

Melanie Henriques

Melaine Henriques - Among the Vine and Vase - NG146

Melaine Henriques – Among the Vine (left) and Vase (right)

“Over twenty years ago, Melanie took a pottery class just for fun and was hooked. After a hiatus to start a family, she returned to clay at the New Art Center in Newton, Massachusetts, a community art education space. She decorates her hand built functional pieces primarily using sgraffito – a technique for carving designs into the clay – creating items which beg to be touched. Nature is integral in her work, especially trees, vines, flowers and living creatures. Melanie enjoys the meditative process of working with clay, and the camaraderie of the studio. Most recently, she has been exploring sculpture of people and animals through a class at Harvard’s Ceramics Program.”


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