NGJ Summer Exhibition: Katrina Coombs

Katrina Coombs

Katrina Grounded.jpg

Katrina Coombs – Grounded

I have a passion for fibre and an understanding of the sensitivity of threads and fabric which has grown beyond design and into sculptural forms.  My practice focuses on the impact of the Other on the “I” and the quintessence of gender politics of the Other. I weave and stitch fibres and textiles into tactile and sometimes large-scale sculptural forms, engaging the sometimes ambivalent and stigmatizing ways society engages the female persona.  My current works are an exploration into the notion of the woman’s body as a form of carriage, and how the womb becomes an unspoken voice of an Other for women’s existence and identity. They explore forms of intrusion in the constructed space and psychological space of fibrous vessels, similarly to the emotional intrusion of an Other, whether it be internal or external to the body; creating a sense of presence, absence and longing within. 

Katrina Golden Flow.jpg

Katrina Coombs – Golden Flow

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