NGJ Summer Exhibition: Camille Chedda

Camille Chedda

Camille Chedda - Thre Disgraces - NG133

Camille Chedda- The Three Disgraces

Three black women straddle a stone wall baring images that portray Jamaican culture, specifically, Jamaica’s dancehall culture. The women endure provocative postures while adorned in dancehall costumes and receive academic scholarships for this in the end. Much like the black women obliterating cement blocks with their crotch in street dances, they too, while lying on the dirt with their legs agape as if tied in spread eagle by Thistlewood’s invisible rope, have money flung at them as financial compensation for their presentations. Meanwhile, looking on are black children being bombarded and sadly educated by what is being foisted upon them as part of their culture or heritage. As a black woman, one can expect to be censored if you challenge these notions of blackness.

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