Screening + Artist Talk: The Secret Life of Your Clothes

Secret Life Flyer-01

On Saturday February 23, 2019 the National Gallery of Jamaica will be hosting a film screening of The Secret Life of Your Clothes as part of our programming for Beyond Fashion. Following the screening will be a related artist talk moderated by Assistant Curator and co-curator of the exhibition Shawna-Lee Tai. Participants in the Artist Talk will include Ayana Rivière, who is represented in the exhibition, and Nigerian artist Alao Omotoya.

The documentary The Secret Life of Your Clothes is a Firecrest Films Production for BBC’s “This World”, and is directed by Andy Wells and presented Ade Adepitan. The documentary is about the obroni wawu (secondhand clothing) industry in Ghana and how it has not only turned the clothes donated to charity into a profitable business, but has inversely impacted the traditional clothing industry as well as deeper cultural issues.

Ayana Rivière, born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, has a passion for clothing design. She completed a degree in Criminal Justice from Coppin University and then pursued her love for fashion. She has worked as a wardrobe stylist on numerous music videos, films, commercials and advertising campaigns within Jamaican and the Caribbean such as the [PUMA in Cuba] campaign and Idris Elba’s Yardie. Her piece Ray Ray (2018) in Beyond Fashion speaks closely to the topic of the film in a Jamaican context.

Alao Luqman Omotoya is a Nigerian artist with a BFA in painting from the University of Lagos, an MFA in printmaking from the University of Benin, and is currently doing his PhD there as well. He is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artist (SNA) and a member of the Arts Council of the African Studies Association (ACASA). He is a Cultural diplomat in Jamaica working with the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDC), Ministry of Tourism Jamaica, and currently with Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) and Ministry of Culture.

The screening will begin at 1:30pm and entry is free to the public. As always, the Giftshop and Coffee Shop will be open for business.


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