Update: The Jamaica Biennial

The National Gallery of Jamaica wishes to update all our audiences that there will be some changes to the NGJ’s Jamaica Biennial exhibition. Moving forward, we shall be dividing the Biennial into two separate exhibitions. Both will occur every two years, on alternate years.

The first exhibition will be held every two years in the Summer and will be similar in structure to the current Jamaica Biennial. It will be called The National Gallery Summer Exhibition.

It will involve:

  • A call to all Jamaican and Jamaican Diaspora Artists for the open submission of works which will be juried
  • A jury of Curators and other Art Professionals will select works for exhibition
  • Inclusion of the Invited Artists list
  • This exhibition will have competitive elements and prizes
  • As the name suggests, the first staging of this exhibition will be in Summer 2019.

The second exhibition will be called the Kingston Biennial:

  • This exhibition will be curated by either one Curator or a small group of Curators selected from a local and an international pool of professionals with knowledge of contemporary Caribbean Artistic developments. The Curator[s] will select the artists to be involved as well as possible themes for the exhibition and work with the artists to develop a cohesive exhibition.
  • This exhibition will be staged in multiple locations in Kingston to form part of a city-wide art and culture experience.
  • Artists from Jamaica as well as the Jamaican and Caribbean Diaspora will be considered for this exhibition.
  • The first Kingston Biennial is scheduled to open in December 2020.

If there are any questions, please contact the National Gallery of Jamaica.

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