Digital: Gabriel Ramos

Ramos, Gabriel - Barro 1

Gabriel Ramos – Barro, 2015 – still from animation

Digital continues until July 4, 2016. Here is a short feature on Gabriel Ramos, one of the artists in the exhibition:


Gabriel Ramos was born Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, 1987. He attended the University of South Florida, where he attained his BFA in Photography in 2011. Ramos has been exhibiting in group and solo exhibitions in Florida since 2008. He has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Juror’s Award, Files & Film Photography Exhibition, Oleson Gallery in 2014 and was a Finalist in the Creative Loafing Visions Video Contest 2012. His current artwork is mainly photography, but has expanded into sculpture, installation and video. He lives and works in Florida, USA.

Ramos, Gabriel - Casa 1

Gabriel Ramos – Casa, 2015 – still from animation

About the Work

“My current body of work portrays small-scale structures constructed out of layered paper details based on the nostalgia about my life in Puerto Rico. … I am a scavenger and an editor of light, composition, form and color within the constructed environment. Delicacy and the frailty of the materials foreground the passage of time through the instability of the medium I use to create my sets.”

“The inspiration for these constructions is drawn from my childhood memories. Even though the constructions are inspired solely by past memories, unconsciously through the process present memories get integrated into the composition. As a result of the conflated memories within the constructed image, I create an imaginary space both within and beyond the photograph. The concepts of fragility, the ephemeral quality of a home and memory are some of the important factors in my process as well as in my artwork. By just using my recollection the overall composition for the constructions becomes more abstracted and imprecise.”

“The video pieces portray the distortion of memory visually by deconstructing the composition and reconstructing it again. In a sense the act of forgetting and remembering is depicted in the video works by showing the deconstruction and reconstruction in a constant loop. My work also foregrounds the ephemerality of memory through the destruction of the work, from which only the photograph survives.”

Ramos, Gabriel - Chiringas 1

Gabriel Ramos – Chiringas, 2015 – still from animation




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