Digital: Richard Nattoo

Adrift (on Prism)

Richard Nattoo – Adrift (2016), video hologram projection

Richard Nattoo’s work can be seen in the Digital exhibition, which is now open to the public:


Richard Nattoo was born in St Catherine Jamaica, 1993. He currently attends the University of Technology, where he is pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Architectural Studies. He has been exhibiting actiely since 2012 and was a participant in Young Talent 2015 and the 2014 Jamaica Biennial, both at the National Gallery of Jamaica. He has also exhibited in Explorations II (2013), and his solo show Reverberations of the Silent Echo (2014), both held at the Redbones Café in Kingston. He is self-described as one who loves to “experiment with media” he also has indicated that his influences are usually “those who aim to describe feelings rather than replicating what they see.”


Nattoo, Richard - Reverberation 1

Richard Nattoo – Reverberation (2016), still from video for hologram projection

About the Work

“At its core, my work attempts to capture the feelings and emotions I experience and to translate them into the surreal spaces that we all inhabit within ourselves. The goal is to explore feelings and emotions, on murky cerebral levels, and to construct the tumultuous and beautiful inner world that resides within all of us. I call this inner world the Silent Echo and my exhibitions have been about exploring this rich and textured place. A variety of mediums such as pen and ink, water colour and most recently glass have been employed. Each exhibition is a chapter of the journey deconstructed.”

“This collection of work seeks to answer the unanswered questions that my previous work begged to inquire. What I have done is to represent this inner world using a different medium and to present it as a series of animated digital holograms floating inside glass prisms.”


Nattoo, Richard - Adrift (2)

Richard Nattoo – Adrift (2016), still from video for hologram projection


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