Explorations 3: Seven Women Artists – Kereina Chang Fatt

Kereina Chang Fatt - In Search of Silence 2 (2007)

Kereina Chang Fatt – In Search of Silence 2 (2007)

This is the second in our series of posts based on text panels from the Explorations 3: Seven Women Artists exhibition, which opens on Sunday, May 31 and continues until August 8, 2015:


Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1975, Kereina Chang Fatt attended the Edna Manley College where she acquired a Diploma in Painting in 1996, and continued with post-graduate studies in Printmaking the following year. In 2009 she attained her MA degree in Art Education through a joint programme between Edna Manley College and Ohio State University. She currently lives and works in Florida.

About the Work

Delicate threads and fabric are at the heart of Kereina Chang Fatt’s work and they act as powerful metaphors for the fragility of the human body and themes of fertility, loss and longing. Hauntingly beautiful, the dreamlike voile that constitutes and envelops works like Scrapes and Bruises and On the inside both obscure and invite the viewer to meditate on their own vulnerabilities as well as those of the artist. The visceral responses elicited by these works find a particularly resonant vessel in Progressive Unravelling, a work that not only speaks to her themes, which have a particular universality without in any way losing the intimacy of the personal, but also demonstrates the facility of the medium to elicit such a response.

O’Neil Lawrence, Exhibition Curator

Kereina Chang-Fatt - Progressive Unravelling (2008)

Kereina Chang-Fatt – Progressive Unravelling (2008)

About Women’s Art

“Art: a universal language; a coded message; visual stories; social commentary; feelings; memories; conversation pieces; blatant protest.  The creation of a being; male, female, human.”

“Art has the unique capacity to transcend gender roles or expectations and in its message stereotypes may be examined, challenged, reinforced or altogether shattered.  What is women’s art?  Is it timid, thoughtful, subdued, feisty, fearless, passionate, subversive? Is it solely art created by a woman?  Or is it art created for women with themes uniquely woman?  Perhaps women’s art encompasses all these ideas or maybe there can be no definitive answer.  Women’s art can be as mysterious as the idea of woman herself and with certainty somewhere within it all there is a story being told.”

Kereina Chang Fatt

Kereina Chang Fatt - In Search of Silence 2 (2007)

Kereina Chang Fatt – In Search of Silence 2 (2007)

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