Leasho Johnson - The Product (2010), detail of installation

Leasho Johnson – The Product (2010), detail of installation – Young Talent V, 2010

Since 1985, the National Gallery of Jamaica has staged five Young Talent exhibitions, the most recent of which were Young Talent V in 2010 as well as a spin-off exhibition New Roots in 2013. The Young Talent series, which features Jamaican artists under 40 years old, is designed to unearth and promote new and emerging talent. Some of Jamaica’s best known contemporary artists had their first major exposure in the Young Talent series and Young Talent V and New Roots have been recognized as particularly ground-breaking exhibitions that charted and encouraged new directions in Jamaican art. Another edition of the Young Talent series will be held from August 30 to November 14, 2015 and will feature six to eight artists. Qualifying artists are invited to submit proposals for their participation, from which the selections will be made by the National Gallery of Jamaica’s curatorial team.

2. Ebony (2006)

Marlon James – Ebony (2006) – on view in Young Talent V, 2010


  • The exhibition is open to artists living in Jamaica and artists of immediate Jamaican descent but living elsewhere;
  • The exhibition is open to artists who are below the age of 40 on July 26, 2015;
  • The exhibition is open to trained and self-taught artists. Final year students at the Edna Manley College and other art schools and programmes may submit;
  • Artists who were featured in previous Young Talent exhibitions, or New Roots, are not eligible;
  • The National Gallery of Jamaica (“the Gallery”) will not contribute to the production or transport of any work for the exhibition, both of which are the sole responsibility of the artist;
  • The exhibition is open to all themes, genres, styles, techniques and media, including performance and time-based media;
  • Artists may propose up to twelve works;
  • Artists may propose an existing body of work or new work; if the latter, the feasibility of the proposal will be a key consideration in the selection process ;
  • There are no size restrictions but the practicalities of the Gallery exhibition spaces should be considered;
  • Artists who submit work that requires specialized equipment the Gallery cannot provide, may be asked to provide their own;
  • All loan agreements will be between the selected artists and the Gallery and the artist will be responsible for any loans from third parties; work submitted must be available for the duration of the exhibition.

Deborah Anzinger - detail of installation

Deborah Anzinger – detail of installation – New Roots, 2013

Submission Guidelines:

  • Proposals should include: 1. a full CV, with a full exhibition record if relevant; 2. a short biography, maximum 200 words; artist’s statement that explains and contextualizes the proposed submission, maximum 300 words; 3. In the case of existing work: a full list, with technical details, and photographs of the works of art proposed for submission; 4. in case of new work, a detailed description, with technical specifications, including space requirements, and sketches, diagrams and work in progress photographs.
  • Submission can be made in hard copy to the National Gallery of Jamaica, 12 Ocean Boulevard, Block C, Kingston; or electronically, to Dropbox or another file sharing service should be used for large image files.

Deadline: Friday, June 26

For more information, contact the National Gallery at 922-1561 or -63 or via email at It should be noted that the National Gallery is not obliged to accept or exhibit any of the submissions and that all curatorial decisions, including the selection of artists and works to be exhibited, will be final.

Matthew McCarthy - installation shot

Matthew McCarthy – installation shot – New Roots, 2013

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