Barrington: A Retrospective – Annex Exhibition at the Bank of Jamaica

The second of the two annex exhibitions of the NGJ’s Barrington: A Retrospective (January 8-April 14, 2012) exhibitions is at the Bank of Jamaica.

Barrington in the 1970s chaired the Bank of Jamaica’s art acquisitions committee and produced two commissions for the central bank. One is the sculptural installation Trust (1975) which was produced in cooperation with master ceramist Cecil Baugh; the second and probably better known is the mural size painting The Garden Party (1975), which is on permanent view in the lobby of the Bank’s auditorium. The Garden Party presented a satirical panorama of life and politics in Jamaica in the 1970s. This annex exhibition consists of studies and a painting related to The Garden Party.

Please enjoy this short video on the Bank of Jamaica annex exhibition!


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