Currently on View

Mallica "Kapo" Reynolds - Rising Table (Revival Table), 1972, John Pringle Collection, NGJ

While preparing for our next major exhibition, the Barrington Watson Retrospective which is scheduled to open on January 8, 2012, the National Gallery is pleased to present the following temporary displays:

The John Pringle Collection: The John Pringle Collection is a recent major donation of 23 paintings by Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds by the estate of John Pringle, Jamaica’s first Director of Tourism and the founder of the famed Round Hill resort. The collection, which had its inaugural exhibition at the Montego Bay Civic Centre in May-June of this year, is on view in its entirety at the National Gallery in Kingston until mid November, after which selections will be included in the new Kapo Galleries, which will reopen towards the end of the year. The catalogue of the John Pringle Collection is now also available for sale in our gift shop. The repatriation and exhibition of the John Pringle Collection have been funded by the Tourism Enhancement Fund.

Ebony Patterson - Di Real Big Man, 2010, Collection: NGJ

Selections from the Permanent Collection: On view in the central lobby, mezzanine and circulating areas of the National Gallery are selections from our permanent collection, with works of art in various media from the 1960s to the present, by major Jamaican artists such as Carl Abrahams, Ebony Patterson, Cecil Baugh, Renee Cox, Ralph Campbell, Bryan McFarlane, Kapo, Osmond Watson, Milton George, Everald Brown, Albert Artwell, Hope Brooks, Norma Rodney Harrack, Gloria Escoffery, Peter Wayne Lewis, Karl Parboosingh, and Eugene Hyde. This temporary exhibition includes selections from our ceramics collection, our contemporary art and Intuitive holdings, the Eugene Hyde prints in our collection, Milton George’s Pages from my Diary, as well as a thematic display on religion in Jamaican art. Not to be missed, this exhibition includes several less known but important works from our collection that are not normally on long term public view.

Isaac Mendez Belisario - Cocoa Walks Estate (c1940), Collection: NGJ

In addition, we also offer our permanent exhibitions. The first of these, Art in Jamaica, c1000 to 1500 AD, provides an overview of the development of art in Jamaica from the Pre-Columbian era to the late 19th century, including several rare Taino woodcarvings and the famous Sketches of Character (1837-38) lithographs by the first documented Jamaican-born artist Isaac Mendez Belisario, and has which recently been updated with examples of African-Jamaican pottery, as examples of the visual and material culture of the African-Jamaican population during the Plantation era.

The second and largest permanent exhibition, Jamaican Art: the 20th Century, is currently being updated and will, in its new form, provide an historical overview of modern Jamaican art. The Early Intuitives gallery, which features the work of John Dunkley and David Miller Sr and Jr, has already been completed, as has the entrance alcove with Edna Manley’s famous Negro Aroused (1935). Three other galleries in this section are also currently open, although yet to be refurbished, and feature artists such as Edna Manley, Albert Huie, David Pottinger, Carl Abrahams and Karl Parboosingh. The second part of the Jamaican Art: the 20th Century exhibition – the section on Jamaican art in the post-Independence period – is currently closed for refurbishing and will reopen in 2012.

Edna Manley - Horse of the Morning, 1943, Collection: NGJ (Gift of Michael Manley)

In addition, our permanent exhibitions also include the Edna Manley Galleries, which provide a detailed overview of Edna Manley’s work from the late 1910s to the time of her death in 1989. This section includes Edna Manley masterpieces such as Man with Wounded Bird (c1934) and Horse of the Morning (1943).

Guided tours of these permanent and temporary exhibitions are available by appointment. The tour fees are $2000 for schools and $3000 for other groups up to 30 persons. A full tour takes approximately one hour. Please call our Education Department to make arrangements: 1.876.922.1561/3 (Lime landline), 1.876.618.0654/5 (Digicel landline), or e-mail:

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