The 2010 NGJ Christmas Cards Are Coming!

The 2010 NGJ Christmas cards will be available on November 1. As is customary, we have selected a number of popular works from our collection, with subjects appropriate to the Holiday season. This year’s selections, which can be seen in the flier above, are available with  pre-printed Holiday greetings and blank. Since we wish to diversify the offerings in our gift shop, which have previously tended towards the traditional, we have however also launched a new series of notecards on contemporary Jamaican art. These are not specifically themed for the Holidays and do not include any pre-printed messages. The selections can be seen on the flier below. In addition, we also have two new notecards related to our current Edna Manley’s Bogle: A Contest of Icons exhibition, one features Michael Thompson’s Bogle poster and another David Boxer’s c1970 photograph of Edna Manley’s Bogle in front of the Morant Bay courthouse.

Gift shop sales play an increasingly important role in funding the exhibitions and programmes of the NGJ and we look forward to your support. For more information, call us at 1.876.922-1561/3 (Lime fixed line); 1.876.618-0654/5 (Digicel fixed line); fax: 1.876.922-8544 or e-mail our Gift Shop Manager Tiffany Martin at: <>

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